Shooting in Northeast Atlanta

Updated – It was a police officer who shot the man near the Waffle House on Cheshire Bridge Rd in Atlanta. The rest of the update is at the bottom of the entry.

I don’t have any details on this right now but the Atlanta Police are currently on the scene in the 2200 block of Cheshire Bridge Rd in Atlanta. 

Police are saying that one person was shot and killed at around 6:30 this morning and that they have one other person in custody. They’ve blocked off the roads immediately in the vicinity and are currently investigating the shooting.
I don’t know about now but when I still lived in the area it was full of strip clubs of the kind that are more like dives, adult bookstores and the like. Not a particularly desirable area to be in, although there are some normal businesses and industrial companies in the area.

Update – Apparently the suspect who was killed was one of two men who had kidnapped a man that had just left another Waffle House on Buford Highway. The two men forced him into their car at gunpoint and demanded money from him. He claimed he had to call someone to get the money but instead he called 911 and spoke to the dispatcher in Spanish. He gave the police directions right to where they were. 

When police pulled them over in the parking lot of the 24k (one of my old dive hangouts) George Pierre jumped out of their car and reached for his waistband at which point the officer shot him in the chest, killing him. The other suspect, 44-year-old John Wright, stayed in the car and was arrested for Felony Murder, Robbery and False Imprisonment.
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  1. Can anyone get the information out that John Allen Wright did not commit this murder.  He watched a police officer shoot and kill an unarmed man in cold blood.  The police kept this man locked away in jail for three years to keep him quite, while they figured how to cover up another senseless shooting committed by an Atlanta Police Officer who did not follow proper procedures.  The real truth is a police officer shot and killed and innocent unarmed man in cold blood and all they could tell this man’s mother, is we are sorry proper procedures were not followed.

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