Eryn Allegra is a Shitty Mother


Christmas can be a really hard time for some people.  It’s supposed to be a happy time but it can be depressing for people. I know. I love the holidays but owing to what I do for a living I am the most busy at work while everyone else is enjoying family and fellowship. Christmas Day is normally a day where I don’t get to see them at all. I count myself lucky though. I have a job and take car of my family. We make do and work around.
Eryn Allegra had a hard time with Christmas as well. She had lost her job, lost her house and even lost her husband due to the fact that the shitheel is currently in jail on a probation violation. He was on probation for a drug charge from a little over a year ago and back on Halloween he was arrested for the violation. I’m sure that Eryn was having a hard time providing the kind of Christmas for her eight-year-old son Tristan that she wanted to. She had been depressed for months and wanted to kill herself. That’s pretty bad and shows that Eryn needed some kind of help. The problem lies in the fact that she was a selfish bitch as well. Rather than just killing her miserable self she couldn’t bear the thought of her son living without her and decided to kill him as well.

Eryn rented a room at the Holiday Inn on Christmas Eve, ate dinner with her son and then gave him eight Advil to put him to sleep. Once he had been to sleep for a while she took a pillow and smothered the boy, climbed into the tub and then slit her wrists. It would have been much easier had she used a sharper knife or something but she made a poor choice and of course the razor blades didn’t do the job; that or she just changed her mind. Either way she called 911. 
Once she was released from the hospital Port St. Lucie police questioned her and arrested Aryn Haylee Allegra on charges of murder.
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4 throughts on "Eryn Allegra is a Shitty Mother"

  1. Richard,
    Eryn was separated from her husband in 2000, shortly after her son was born. She supported herself and her son by delivering newspapers. She would show up, her son in tow for her nightly route. I remember Eryn as a loving mother. I have compassion for her. She couldn’t reach out for help. She couldn’t reach out for help. Now she is living her hell. Isn’t that enough? Who are we to judge. I think of the ancient colliseums where the public cheered at the killing of criminals. Haven’t we evolved?

  2. I have compassion for people too but don’t you think killing a child is going a bit far? Depression is a horrid thing and if she felt the need to kill herself, fine but leave the children out of it.
    I don’t guess we have evolved that far after all. If it means watching child molesters and child murderers die, I’ll be one of the cheering throng of bloodthirsty bastards in the stands.

  3. >I’ll be one of the cheering throng of bloodthirsty bastards in the stands.
    That’s because you, personally, are a knuckle-dragging douche, not because civilisation hasn’t evolved.
    There’s no excuse for what this woman did. Family annihilators follow a very similar pattern, and while they don’t kill their children out of selfishness but sincere desire to do whatever they consider ‘for the best’, they don’t seem to appreciate that it’s not their decision to make. They are murderers, and there’s no getting around that.
    But selfish? No. Self-absorbed, maybe, but that’s not the same thing.
    Cold hearted? The suggestion is absurd. Tormented, yes.

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