Samuel Jordan Was Aggravated

samueljordan.jpgBack on December 23rd 21-year-old Samuel Jordan took his 9-week-old daughter to the hospital because she was having trouble breathing. The folks at the hospital called the law pretty quickly when they realized that Lyrica T. Kennedy was suffering from head injuries.

After questioning this piece of crap, police came to the conclusion that Lyrica was in critical condition because of a beating that Samuel inflicted and took him into custody on the evening of the 23rd on charges of second-degree battery.
This isn’t the first time that Samuel has been in trouble with the law over the way he treats children either. Back in 2005 he was arrested for giving a five-year-old prescription sleeping pills because the child wouldn’t stop crying. His excuse this time was even better. He beat Lyrica because he was aggravated, had a lot of things on his mind and just wanted to get high. I hope you enjoy prison you worthless excuse for a human being, particularly now that Lyrica is dead.

That’s right, the nine-week-old little girl died Monday night because of her injuries and the charges against Samuel Jordan have now been “upgraded” to murder as well. 

Looks like this loser also has three different MySpace pages. I haven’t verified them yet, thus the fact that I will wait to link to them until I do so.
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  1. i “googled” this asshole today because I teach one of Lyrica’s big brothers. He’s a very sad little boy with numerous behavior issues. I’ve had talks with him on many occasions about how he misses his sister. I hope this man rots in hell because he not only ruined Lyrica’s life but he’s caused her brothers and the rest of her family a lifetime of pain. I just pray that big brother can get past all of this and be a better man than most of the men he’s been around. Sickening.

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