stanleycarter.jpgUpdated – I’ve added Stanley Carter’s mugshot.

Here’s a hell of a family Christmas for you. Stacy Ferrance and her family spent it as most people (aside from me) do. Christmas parties and gatherings with friends and family, opening gifts and eating those wonderful holiday meals. They weren’t aware that they were going to have to share it with an unwanted intruder however.

21-year-old Arkansas man Stanley Carter was visiting friends who live in the other half of the duplex where the Ferrances live. At some point the week prior to Christmas they told him it was time to leave and he did so, but he simply disappeared without saying goodbye or anything. A few days before Christmas Stanley’s friends filed a missing person’s report with police. He certainly wasn’t very far away although it did take a few days before he was found.
Stacy started hearing noises upstairs but chalked it up to her three kids, at least until stuff started to go missing in the house on Christmas like money and a laptop. The police were called and they came out, not really finding anything. Then more stuff turned up missing. That’s when she decided to check the crawlspace upstairs. As soon as she did Stacy noticed footprints. She called the police again and this time they brought a dog. That’s when Stanley decided to come out and turn himself in.
Turns out the freak had made a list of all the stuff he had taken called “Stanley’s Christmas List” with all of the stuff he had stolen from them which included money, a laptop, an iPod, blankets and candles, even Stacy’s toothbrush. He had also been sharing the Ferrance’s food over the last week as well. When Carter came downstairs the freak was even wearing their clothes. Sounds like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, minus someone getting brutally murdered. He even cut a hole in the roof so that he could see the family leaving.
The silver lining? Stacy Ferrance got rid of her vermin in the attic without having to pay for an exterminator and Stanley Carter has a new place to stay where he’ll get two hots and a cot. He’s spending his time in the Luzzerne County Jail facing several felony counts of burglary and criminal trespass. I don’t yet have a mug shot for the asshat but once I do rest assured I’ll put it up. Also, in addition to his antics in Pennsylvania it turns out that Stanley has several warrants out in Arkansas for bad checks and unpaid fines.
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