Dawn and Juan Corral Are Just Awful Parents


This story is actually a few days old but I’ve been behind the eight ball for the last six or eight weeks anyway.
25-year-old Juan Corral Jr and his wife Dawn lived in Bullhead City, Arizona for a few months last year. Up until February actually, which is when they moved to Phoenix. During the time they lived there, and most likely after they moved, Juan would beat Dawn’s eight-year-old daughter. This wasn’t just another case of some guy hitting his kid too hard when they got out of line though. Oh, no. This was one of the most disgusting cases of abuse I’ve heard about so far this year.
The girl, who is nine now, was forced to strip naked and eat her dinner on the floor like a dog. She was also forced to use the bathroom on the floor like a dog as well.  The girl was reportedly also dragged to the bathroom by her hair and forced to take cold showers for up to an hour at a time. During one week back in January of last year she missed an entire week of school because she had been so badly beaten by the scumbag.
According to the Bullhead City Police Department, Juan also sexually abused her as another form of discipline.

You know what really pisses me off about this whole deal? Dawn Corral, the victim’s mother did nothing. She stood by and watched and didn’t lift a single finger to help out her daughter. She’s just as guilty as the scumbag who was abusing her daughter in the first place. Just another case where some woman needed a dick in her life more than she needed her child. It’s pathetic. Luckily both of these winners have been arrested and the child removed from the household before something even worse could happen, as if eating and shitting on the floor naked weren’t bad enough. She’s now in the care of her grandmother.

Juan Corral, Jr was booked into the Mojave County Jail in Kingman on charges of sexual contact with a minor, sexual molestation of a minor, endangerment per domestic violence and aggravated assault per domestic violence. His “loving” wife Dawn was arrested on charges of child abuse per domestic violence, endangerment per domestic violence and aggravated assault per domestic violence.
In addition to being charged in Mojave County they have forwarded the case to the Phoenix Police Department as well for them to follow up and see what these sorry excuses for douchebags have been up to since February of last year. I somehow doubt that the Corrals cleaned up their act in Phoenix. Apparently the Bullhead City Police got wind of the fact that these folks had moved back and made their arrests last week (on the 14th) after a family member reported the abuse to the cops. Thank goodness someone in the family had the guts to do what was needed.
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