Carson Smith Went Clubbing With His Dog

One thing that just irritates the crap out of me is yap dogs. You know the ones, they never stop barking. Usually it’s when you are trying to hold a conversation on the phone or get some sleep. Yap, yap, yap. Carson Smith, Sr of Bellevue, NE doesn’t like it either. He knew how to take care of that problem though. Yes, sir he did.

When the Smith family Rat Terrier Sam wouldn’t stop barking Carson Smith cured that by beating him into submission with a golf club. Now I can’t say I’ve never thought about something like that but the difference is that he actually picked up the club and struck the dog in the head causing massive skull and brain injuries. The family had to have their dog euthanized and Smith was ticketed by the Humane Society for suspicion of a misdemeanor. They also forwarded it to the Sarpy County Attorney’s Office.

Smith’s comment on the situation was to say:

I didn’t mean to kill my dog. You know we loved the dog, you know. We took it to the vet, it was an unfortunate accident.

No, if the dog had knocked the club off a stand and it fell on him bashing his head in, now that would have been an accident. It takes human decision to actually pick up a golf club and bash someone or something’s head in.
The misdemeanor charge can bring up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. He wasn’t charged with a felony because he only hit the dog once…
I wonder if the Smiths have any yappy children?…
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