Cutting Lawns Can Be Very Lucrative…


…at least that’s what Jose A. Santiago Camacho says and he should know 🙂
Police in Port St Lucie, Florida started following a pickup truck last night after they noticed that the headlights were on. When the officer turned on his blues he saw a plastic bag get thrown from the passenger side of the truck which he made sure to retrieve. Inside the plastic bag there were several smaller bags that had coke inside. Cocaine I guess I should say.
Of course Jose Camacho denies ever having the plastic bag and says he doesn’t know anything about the cocaine although he did cop to ownership of another bag that they found concealed on his person. Along with the drugs police found $2100 in his wallet. How did it get there, you ask? Certainly not from being a scum-sucking drug dealer.
Oh no. Never.
Jose got his $2100 from cutting lawns earlier in the week. Fuck. I think I’m in the wrong bidness.
In addition to the drug charges that both Jose Camacho and the driver, Justo Villanueva face, Villaneuva also was cited for open container after the cops found an open bottle of Michelob Ultra in the truck. Christ, if you are selling drugs you should at least be able to afford decent beer. Anything other than Bud, Coors or Michelob. Damned piss water.
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  1. You’d think he’d just hide the bag… throwing objects out the window when followed by the cops isn’t very conspicuous. But yeah, unless he’s cutting a golf course 24/7, that kind of income ain’t gonna happen.

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