Chad Alioth is a Serious Douchebag.


Back in the mid-nineties he was convicted of sexually assaulting and kidnapping a minor in Arizona. Apparently he didn’t learn his lesson while in prison ’cause the dude is at it again. Rather than keep his brand of degradation in the great state of Arizona he decided to go where a large portion of my posts originate. Florida, The scumbag rapist state! He is wanted for raping a woman at gunpoint. Not just once though. He went back for seconds and told the woman that if she called the law he would kill her. If it wasn’t obvious from his earlier crime it should be now that this sorry piece of crap is no gentleman.
Luckily the guy was spotted up in Nashville before he started raping anyone there. United States Marshals arrested him late last week at a traffic stop and while he didn’t give up easily he is in custody. As a matter of fact when they attempted to arrest him Alioth fought with police and even bit a Nashville Police Officer. The ended up tasing him twice and put him in leg restrainst before calming down enough to get him taken care of.
Here’s a press release from the U.S. Marshal’s service on the arrest.

The United States Marshals Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force in Pensacola announces the arrest of a wanted sex offender and suspected rapist by the Marshals Office in Nashville, TN. Chad Alioth, 32, was wanted by the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office for Failure to Register and for Sexual Battery with a Deadly Weapon. According to Sheriff’s reports, Alioth held a gun to a girl’s head while he raped her, then again later when he threatened her if she told anyone. Also according to the offense report he physically assaulted her as well. Alioth’s sexual offender status stems from a conviction of Sexual Assault and Kidnapping of a Minor in 1994 in Arizona. The Marshals in Nashville reported that after a brief surveillance they stopped a car that Alioth was a passenger in and arrested him. Initially Alioth seemed to comply and then attempted to fight and bite an officer from Metropolitan Nashville Police Department. He had to be tased two times and put into leg restraints before complying.
The FRFTF’s investigation began after it appeared that Alioth may have fled the area shortly after the alleged raped. Initially the Task Force followed leads to Omaha, NB when they learned that he had took off with a supposed girlfriend back to his hometown area in Omaha. The U.S. Marshals there developed new leads that he had left Nebraska and may have been somewhere on the east coast. The FRFTF then discovered that he was probably in Nashville and coordinated with the Marshals there.
“We learned today at around noon that he may be in the Nashville area and we immediately called the office there,” said Dominic Guadagnoli Task Force Coordinator for the Pensacola Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force. “It was only a matter of hours before they caught him,” he said.
During the course of the Task Force’s investigation they learned that he may be a suspect in some other sexual assaults in both Escambia and Nebraska. Alioth was brought to Davidson County Jail and booked in as a fugitive from justice until being extradited back to Florida. There may also be charges for giving a false name to law enforcement and the assault on the officers during his arrest.[United States Marshall’s Service]

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