Fucking Creeps

So the girls and I made a video last year and put it up on youtube. The had a blast doing it and thought it was cool. Not a very professional editing job but what the fuck do you expect from an amateur anyway? Back when Shadowscope was my personal blog I posted it there but just in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the vid.

We doubled up the duct tape so that there was no sticky parts on Pete. She had a hard time trying to keep from laughing from behind the tape. RePete thought all was great fun when she got to run over and say “do it to me” but when I pulled the tape open boy that mouth dropped open and she backed up a few steps. Had to cut that part out.
Anyway, what got me to thinking about it was this email i got over at my youtube account a couple of days ago. It was from sha159159. Here’s the email:

can u make anouther vid like the duct tape buddis ????
like thet shows the little girl and the older girl tied up and mouth taped and show how u tie them up like show the all proses……

eeew. Just reading that email made me cringe thinking about it. I am seriously considering just deleting the fucking video now thinking about some sick fuck beating his flaccid meat watching the video. Fucking douchebag. Then again maybe he’s just making a joke but it certainly didn’t come across that way.
I thought my grammar and spelling skill set left you all wanting until I read this one. Tell you what there guy, send me a picture and I’ll make a video of me pissing all over it and setting it on fire in lieu of bashing your fucking head in.
Gives new meaning to the word ‘creepy’

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  1. that was utterly awful, not your vid, but the reality check. it is a filthy world. sweet girls you have, despite that nutchunk.
    i love the new place. have been disjointed from blogland too long. will be bothering you more soon.

  2. YouTube: We cater to terrorists and pedophiles!
    Yeah, I’d remove it if I were you. When I first got on YouTube a couple of years ago, I didn’t know about the privacy settings. Anyone could see it and comment. I was using YouTube to upload a video so I could post it to Blogger because at the time, either Blogger didn’t have the option or I couldn’t get it to work (can’t remember).
    The video was of my husband and my daughter (when she was 5) playing football in the backyard. It was taken with a cheap digi-cam that had no sound (so I can see why it looks like I was a perv secretly taping). At one point, she tried to jump over a T-Ball post like her dad had done. Having a difficult time, she tried her best to climb over the pole. Needless to say, to a pervert, this would have been erotic. To NORMAL people, it was just really funny.
    Well, some sick fuck left a message saying (and I am copy/pasting because I kept the bastard’s information!):
    “this is rly nice. lovely. she tries with the pole and her trying make me so hard. please to post another if u can find girl again or another in such precidement. longer. fun to watch over and over.”
    I almost threw up and I couldn’t stop crying while I quickly deleted the video and then sent the most evil, life-threatening e-mail I could construct to the asshole. His account is closed and that pisses me off because now that I’m more wise to tracking people on the net, I REALLY want to find this bastard!!!!

  3. I did end up taking it down a few weeks ago. One of the things that I have found as I write about crime at my old site is that while I felt the video was hilarious when I did it and the girls had a blast, the more I write about scumbags and child abusers I found it less and less funny as time went by.
    We all have a pretty sarcastic and evil sense of humor here in the Miles casa but apparently not everyone shares that.

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