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Darryl Crenshaw: Deputy U.S. Marshals say accused Connecticut girlfriend-killer Darryl Crenshaw slipped into Mexico to escape from authorities. But an AMW tipster remembered seeing that familiar face in a Mexican jail — and helped take Crenshaw down.

marjanrroku.jpgMarjan Rroku: When two teenage Albanian sisters met Marjan Rroku at a Bible study group, they thought he was a great guy. But five years later, he had taken the life of one sister and sent the other fleeing to the US. After a close encounter on a Washington D.C. Metro train, police fear the killer is in pursuit again.

paulsheldonbuford.jpgPaul Buford: Deputy U.S. Marshals in Detroit say they’re hot on the trail of an elusive gang member, wanted for his role in the upper echelon of the Black Mafia Family criminal organization. Paul Buford has a long, violent criminal past, and he’s the only fugitive not yet captured as a result of the DEA’s first wave of national BMF arrests.

joseramonsastrecintron.jpgJose Sastre-Cintron: Police say when a man known as Jose Sastre-Cintron proudly flashed his gun at a house party in Harrisonburg, Va., people knew there’d be trouble. But no one could have guessed just how much: before the melee was through, cops say Sastre-Cintron would shoot an 18-year-old girl, steal a car, and disappear into the night.

gregadrian.jpgGreg Adrian: Cops in the City Of Angels are on the lookout for a father accused of physically and sexually abusing his own 12-year-old daughter in November of 2007. When Adrian’s daughter blew the whistle on his latest string of abuse, police say he fled to Vegas. Now, Los Angeles detectives believe that Adrian is in the north Las Vegas area and could be traveling in a 1990’s, red, 4-door Honda sedan.

dannywilliams.jpgDanny Williams: Cops say that Danny Williams shot two unarmed men after a neighborhood barbecue. Now, police need your help to get this armed and dangerous thug off the streets.

unknownamw.jpgUnknown Sandra Brady Killer: It was one of New Mexico’s most mysterious unsolved Jane Doe cases: a pair of hikers found a murder victim, buried in a shallow grave in the unforgiving desert. But when AMW brought you the story two weeks ago, a tipster called our hotline and helped cops crack the case. The “Boots” Jane Doe now has a name: Sandra Jean Brady.

robertwilliamfisher.jpgRobert Fisher: Cops in Scottsdale, Ariz. say Robert Fisher murdered his entire family and blew up their home to cover his tracks. Police are working a few promising leads and they’re re-analyzing some of the physical evidence recovered from Fisher’s abandoned getaway to get a better DNA profile.

unknownamw.jpgUnknown Phillip Washington Killer: Dallas money courier Phillip Washington, 50, was brutally killed while he made his last stop of the night a year ago, and his tragic death was caught on surveillance tape. Now, one of his old friends — a prominent local journalist — has come to to get his family some justice.

cameronjamespitre.jpgCameron Pitre: According to cops, Cameron Pitre murdered his ex-girlfriend on Nov. 23, 2008. Police say Pitre had become increasingly hostile, and Ashley Hardey, his ex-girlfriend, was very cautious in his company. Despite her wariness, Ashley was murdered when police say Pitre forced his way into Ashley’s home and shot her multiple times.

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  1. Costa Del Crime.
    Lucy Bannerman and agencies
    These are the faces of 10 suspected criminals hiding from police on the “Costa del Crime”.
    Police want the public to help them trace fugitives thought to be on the run in the Costa del Sol region of Spain.
    Among those on the “most wanted” list are men wanted for murder, serious violent offences, robbery and for their roles in multi-million pound drug trafficking rings.
    They include Noel Cunningham, 46, who escaped from a prison van in 2003 while on route to court to face charges over a£1.25 million security van theft.
    Scott Coleman, 33, fled while awaiting trial in Scotland for possessing with intent to supply almost 3kg of heroin. He has a tattoo of a bulldog on his back, the Liverpool FC crest on his right leg and lips tattoo-ed on his buttocks. He has links to Benidorm.
    David Andrews, 66, is accused of running a drugs ring at Heathrow airport, and is accused ot materminding imports of cocaine from South America from 2000-2003.
    Police are also interested in speaking to Jason Gulliford, a panther-tattoo-ed 36-year-old who allegedly stabbed a man with a screwdriver over a drug debt, and suspected Derbyshire armed robber Daniel Johnston.
    Allan Foster, 31; John Barton, 52, John Barker, 50 and Keith Burke, who has swallow tattoos on his neck, are also wanted in connection with drug smuggling charges.
    by Crimestoppers on a “most wanted” website targeting the region.
    have been dubbed the “Costa del Crime” since the 1970s because hundreds of wanted British criminals are thought to have fled there.
    The Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) and the authorities are also involved in the move, codenamed Operation Captura.
    A first wave of appeals, launched in October 2006, led to the arrest of five suspects. A further three arrests were made in December 2006.
    Check Tinley Park

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