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After posting that Eulogy for Caylee Anthony earlier today I was going to update a couple of the posts I have here on the little girl’s murder but rather than do that I decided to put up a list of links that I have found useful. Some of them are to news sites and some are to other blogs. If you have a link that should be added to the list feel free to contact me. I won’t promise that I will add it but if it looks particularly useful I will.

The links are in the extended entry.

Orlando Sentinel: The Caylee Anthony Case from the beginning.

The Dreamin’ Demon: Caylee Anthony archives. One of my favorite sites and a daily visit. It can be very entertaining over there at times.
Websleuths Forums: Caylee Anthony 2 Years Old. A wealth of information and good discussion can always be found at Websleuths.
Caylee Anthony on Scared Monkeys.
This is far from being a complete list but I am in a hurry to get out of the house this morning. I’ll update this list as time permits.
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  1. Does Nancy Grace ever tire of exploiting this Caylee Anthony tragedy for her own financial gain?…..She’s pathetic in her obvious disregard for this childs life…She has continued to blather about her own twins who are destined to live a life of b.s. with this media WHORE!…

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