Amanda Knox's Father Speaks Out

A couple of days ago on a CBS News Exclusive Curt Knox spoke with reporter Erica Hill. Mr. Knox maintains that his daughter Amanda Knox, an American student charged with the murder of her roommate in Italy, is innocent.

The Amanda Knox case is one that I haven’t really had time to cover over the last few months although I’ve been keeping up with it on other blogs.
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  1. For anyone who is interested in the facts behind the media spin, and who cares to learn more about the victim of this terrible murder – Meredith Kercher – there is an excellent discussion board
    as well as an interesting blog
    These online resources are not for profit. Anyone can read and/or participate and people from around the world do. They have followed this case since November 2007, and are in no way related to Amanda Knox. Nor are they her friends

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