Where is Haleigh Cummings?

haleighcummings.jpgUpdated – Police are reporting that they think this is an abduction. It may be that they have found prints or something off-kilter at the house that they haven’t announced yet.

Updates at the bottom of the post. I am getting a really bad feeling about this now that it’s been over 24 hours. There is an AP video of a short interview with Crystal Sheffield, the mother, at the bottom of the post.

The state of Florida has issued an Amber Alert for a missing five-year-old girl who disappeared from her bedroom at some point last night. Police say that Haleigh was staying with her father Ronald Cummings(who was at work at the time of her disappearance) and his 17-year-old girlfriend Misty Croslin (her MySpace lists her as 19). There was no sign of forced entry into the house but they are not sure if all the doors and windows were locked at the time. Police haven’t announced any suspects as of yet.

Haleigh Ann-Marie Cummings was last seen around 10pm last night in her bedroom in Satsuma. When she was put to bed she was wearing a pink shirt and underwear. According to a couple of other reports I have read she was wearing pink shorts and a tan shirt, so those differ slightly from the earlier report I had been given.
She is three feet tall, weighs 39 pounds and has blonde hair and blue eyes. Anybody that might have information on her disappearance or whereabouts is asked to contact the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office at 386-329-0808

According to police (as well as this map) there are over 30 44 sexual offenders living in the area, one right in the neighborhood. Police say that they have either questioned or will be questioning all of them. Police are also questioning the father and his girlfriend although they won’t say if they are suspects or not.

One of the channels is reporting that Haleigh was sleeping in the same bed as a 2-year-old sibling as well as a Misty. Seems as if someone would have woken up to me.
Just from watching a video of an interview with the father my gut feeling is that he couldn’t have done it. I could be wrong but my money is elsewhere. At first this case reminded me of Jessica Lunsford but now I’m thinking a bit closer to home. According to a report on FOX News Cummings told police that his “dumb bitch girlfriend” told him Haleigh was gone when he got home from work.
I’ll be at work all day so if there are any updates to the case please leave them in the comments. I can approve them from my Blackberry and then will update the post when I get home.
Below is the content from the 911 call:
CALLER: I just woke up and my back door was all open and I can’t find my daughter.

DISPATCH: Can’t find what?

CALLER: My daughter.

DISPATCH:Ok. When did you last see her?

CALLER: Um, we just like, you know, it was about 10 o’clock. She was sleeping (inaudible).

DISPATCH: Ok. How old is your daughter?

CALLER: She’s 5.

DISPATCH: OK. What was she last seen wearing, Ma’am?

CALLER: She was in her pajamas. We were sleeping.

DISPATCH: OK. Alright, you said your back door was wide open?

CALLER: Yes, with a brick. Like, there was a brick on the floor. Like, when I went to sleep the door was not like that.

DISPATCH: Was your back door locked do you know?

CALLER: Yes. The back door always stays locked.

FATHER: I just got home from work, my 5-year-old daughter is gone. I need someone to be here now. I’m telling you. If I find whoever has my daughter before you all do, I’m killing him. I don’t care. I’ll spend the rest of my life in prison.

DISPATCH: It’s OK sir, we got them on the way. Can you give me a description of the pajamas she was wearing?

FATHER: I don’t (expletive) know I was at work.
As of Wednesday afternoon police still don’t have any leads that they are discussing anyway. The family of Haleigh is pleading for her safe return, as are a lot of other people. Judging from interviews with family members they seem to agree with me in that something is hinky and that the girlfriend Misty (MySpace) isn’t telling police everything that she knows. Nobody has come right out and accused her of anything (at least where the media can hear) but I’m sure the suspicions are there. I can’t be the only cynic around. According to a comment attributed to Haleigh’s grandfather “If (you’re) in your bed with your child, and you get up to go use the bathroom, is there enough time for somebody to come in your house and snatch your child out of bed and disappear without you getting back to the bed in time? No
The AP posted this video of an interview with Haleigh’s mother Crystal Sheffield, who lives in Georgia.
Although they aren’t requiring it the police are offering for any involved parties to take lie detector tests according to the CNN report linked below.
I’ve also just read that Leonard Padilla is heading up to the area. Before anybody starts groaning I think it’s a good thing because they are offering a $25,000 reward and they will also help to keep the media’s attention focused on the case. I’ve also heard that Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch are headed there as well.
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53 throughts on "Where is Haleigh Cummings?"

  1. Actually yes but it’s not something I’m going to post yet. It’s not entirely unexplainable that she would wake up right before he got home from work if that’s his normal work schedule and she doesn’t work but being the pessimist I am I am sort of expecting the worst here.

  2. Ok had i of gone to bed with two younger children beside me, I would wake up if someone moved, coughed, or anything like that, Rite?? I just find it odd that if and when the lil girl went missing, the 17 year old girl that was laying beside them didnt feel anyone move, or anything?? She didnt hear anything?? cause if there door was locked, you’d hear someone trying to get in it?? wouldnt you??
    My heart, my thoughts and my prayers go out to the cummings family. may haleigh return safe and sound.
    -Kellie Drewes

  3. Iranian People: Give Us Liberty!
    I have had a heart for the Persian people for quite a while now. It started when I found out about how the students were being dragged out of their houses, beaten, and thrown in prison. Evin prison is nothing like Gitmo. They really do torture you…
    PS. My trackback keeps telling me I’m pinging too fast. Arghh.
    This poor child. A 17 year old girl who did not give birth to this child may resent the love and affection she receives from her Father. Notice the son is alright? That is because sons tend hang on to their Moms or the person acting as Mom. I do not like this one bit.
    Hopefully this child walked away from a woman who is abusive to her or maybe she is the one who is jealous. This is why we do not introduce our children to strangers just to fulfill our own selfish needs! Damn it.

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  5. MistyCrystalAngel, smokin’ those Kool Extra Longs, knows something. No tears – what is that? In the latest interviews,she appears all ‘tranked’ up – tranquilizers. Slurred speech, etc. It is appalling that a 25 yr old FATHER chose an illiterate 17 yr old as his partner and allows her to parent? Biomom (loser-lost custody of the children) said that Dad was in trouble because the child had missed too much school. Unless the child was chronically ill – why isn’t MistyCrystalAngel getting up in the mornings and getting little Haleigh off to school? This means little Haliegh was neglected in that aspect also. Probably planted in front of a big screen TV all day . I pray for the safe return of this little girl. Please let her be found, safe and re-united with her brother and then placed in a foster home with caring, attentive parents. Interesting, very interesting observation from poster Rosemary.

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  7. I find it rather unusual that Misty did not contact Haleigh’s dad, or police for that matter. I smell foul play here. Some may argue that Misty is 17 and panicked, however, there have been many cases where toddlers have had the common sense to dial “911” when something bad has happened. Being 17 does not constitute poor judgment all the time. The only good reason she may have had not to contact anyone, is probably because she had to fabricate an elaborate “Xannie the nanny” type scenario. I believe this girl needs to be investigated further. Any normal person waking up in the middle of the night, and not finding their boyfriend’s child in bed, would have called the police ASAP! Passing the polygraph means nothing. THE POLICE NEED TO INVESTIGATE THIS GIRL!! It is very possible that she did something to her, maybe she was jealous, competing for her boyfriends affection?

  8. Misty did call 911. The only flag I see is when Misty and Ronald were interviewed by Fox she said that her brother and the AC guy had come over around 5:00. Has anyone checked out the AC guy? He could have stolen keys. He could have met Haleigh so when he came back to get her she may have gone willingly with him because she “knew” him. Regardless of whether it was the AC guy or not the person who entered their home was someone Haleigh knew which is why she didn’t make much noise when she left, and why someone was able to get inside their home without force. The only other answer, being a mom myself, is that children can sleep through someone picking them up and carrying them. People want to always point their finger at the person who was immediately with the missing child because they are the easiest target. It’s narrow-mindedness like this that keeps a child from being found. Even Elizabeth Smart’s father was a person of interest and he was active in his church (a christian) and political figure, but it was their gardener (someone Elizabeth knew) who came into the home in the middle of the night and stole Elizabeth. The phrase “if it was a snake it would have bit me,” comes to mind. Remember, Caylee Anthony’s remains were found right down the street and police were called three times about her possible where abouts.

  9. Without “knowing” exactly what the police know and which statements
    are inconsistant, or are mistakes by the media, to judge anyone
    involved because of age or lack of education just takes away from
    the fact that a 5 year old child is missing, obviously in danger, and
    needs to be found. Haleigh deserves our attention until she is found.
    Close your eyes and put yourself in this family’s shoes.
    Imagine this is your daughter.
    I am sure you would want the police and media/public to pray,
    hope and search once you had taken a polygraph.
    Only the police know what was asked and answered on that test.
    Searching Satsuma Florida sex offenders, 230 came up with over
    200 involved children under 12.
    These “garbage” individuals are everywhere.
    Haleigh, after a week could be anywhere, in any state or in her own
    The family could have been given something to keep them calm
    as can be in this situation or the stress could have done it.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family, both sides.

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  11. ok. i think there is something wrong with this picture. why are there 10 different stories about misty?
    1. she woke up at 3 am to go to the bathroom.
    2. she was sleeping with the children. in the same bed. and as someone else pointed out. you would have felt/heard something.
    3. she went in at 12 and REALIZED haleigh was gone. and didnt tell ANYONE til 3 HOURS LATER???
    4. Why was only haleigh gone?
    5. the back door is always locked. if it was propped open. can’t they use finger prints from the door and brick???

  12. Here’s your post:
    “MistyCrystalAngel, smokin’ those Kool Extra Longs, knows something. No tears – what is that? In the latest interviews,she appears all ‘tranked’ up – tranquilizers. Slurred speech, etc. It is appalling that a 25 yr old FATHER chose an illiterate 17 yr old as his partner and allows her to parent? Biomom (loser-lost custody of the children) said that Dad was in trouble because the child had missed too much school. Unless the child was chronically ill – why isn’t MistyCrystalAngel getting up in the mornings and getting little Haleigh off to school? This means little Haliegh was neglected in that aspect also. Probably planted in front of a big screen TV all day . I pray for the safe return of this little girl. Please let her be found, safe and re-united with her brother and then placed in a foster home with caring, attentive parents. Interesting, very interesting observation from poster Rosemary.”
    You stated that you hoped that she be found safe, re-united with her brother and then placed in a foster home….”
    I agree that the girlfriend is nuts. The father should have been the one getting her ready for school because he gets home at 3:30am, enough time to sleep and have a child to school by 9am. Also, no one is talking about the fact that they way the dad go custody was wrong and that he is 25 dating a 17 year old. I think the 17 year old has more information but she seems like she is completely out of it when she is on TV. Did you see the way she closes her eyes when she “retells” what happens? Totally nuts!
    But the foster care comment,I do not agree with because foster care is NOT good for children when they have family members available to care for them.
    So I did read the post and that is why I responded with that particular comment.

  13. Yep the GF is very fishy — but something tells me that little girl was taken by someone who lives very close by. Call it a gut feeling or whatever but they need to go over that neighborhood again.

  14. Yea, they do. I think they have clues they are not releasing to the public, just like in the Casey Anthony case.

  15. I know I’ve been looking for new answers too. No reporting makes me nervous. Almost as if we are about to hear a “bombshell” report any minute now. The calm before the storm. I almost can’t take anymore bad news. I know she isn’t my child, but I have children and a child seems to go missing every day. So sad.

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  17. ok my gut feeling is also npointing @ the gf and for more than one reason but the main reason she’s 17 and doesnt have any mothering skills, then to only be with the father for 5 months plz she was probably jealous of Haleigh and her dad relationship and did something stupid now is too scared to say anything!!!


    I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and romantic Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately for the wife and me, we’ve both come down with colds and it’s rainy, wet and nasty out so it pretty much kills any notion of a romantic weekend….

  19. I was also wondering why only Haleigh was taken. Also on Nancy Grace tonight, they said that the GF has been taken in for questioning 3 different times. Usually when law enforcement does that, it is because they are trying to ‘trip’ someone up (although they never state that). They will ask the same question different ways, like 3 or more times.
    What’s weird is that she was only with the dad 5 months. I mean I know we live in a day and age where people live together instead of marrying and it seems that people don’t really have the discretion they should have when they have children. But my question is , where on Earth is her mother?! I mean you let your 17 year old daughter live with a 25 year old? I thing that was her mom on tv next to her. They had the same green eyes. Is the GF in school?
    And then the GF says, they love me like a mother. Ok, um you’re 17, you would of had to give birth at the age of 12!!!!! Give me a break!

  20. 1.You should try to locate the guys who dislike Haleigh most and the boy criminals because she is a girl.
    2.The person might be taking her out of state or worse the United States.
    3.It was probably a pedophile guy.

  21. Wait the door was locked right somebody with keys to the house ,so it could of been the babysitter tired of work Right.

  22. There is something going on in the household. Why would a 25 year old man live with a 17 year old girl in the first place. Is that not violation of age of consent? Her father could have done away with her several hours before he went to work. Might have hit her and killed her. Lots of theories. I believe I would quit smoking in front of the camera. I would say if word gets around to the place where he works, he will lose his job. Geraldo put it out there on Saturday night. About the drugs and etc. They don’t deserve to be parents. I hope Haleigh is found safe and she can tell it all.

  23. No news again today, I hope this means the police are getting ready to make an arrest.
    I thought Geraldo did a great job, but no results.
    I figure the law will do something about the age diff after this is all over. I dont think they want them separated just yet.
    Is Hank Jr the father of Misty? I thought she was staying there, but I always see misty and ron together.
    The police may have proof they need but are putting it together very very carefully as there is no body. Like the Casey A. case.

  24. People need to remember that there is a little 5 year old child still missing out there and we needs to concentrate on finding her and stop writing junk on the computer about the family. Please find that little girl….

  25. I just found this site. Nice job
    where do I find what misty and cassie had in their “my space”
    I dont know how to get around in there. Tx.
    I think a local SO had been watching and timing Misty’s coming and goings after Ron left, then snatched Haliegh within a few moments. Door proped open so he could get the boy out, but Misty woke up.

  26. i am from canada,i am praying for your child haleigh
    please if you are reading this , return the child please she is innocent of everything bad
    i have7 children and 16 grandchildren,please don.t do this


  28. um she wouldnt have heard anything if she was high, pain pills and anti-anxiety pills will knock you out!!! besides i agree that placing blame this early is taking away from the attention the little girl needs!!!

  29. I know that Ron was at work as reported…..but has it ever crossed the mind that we have just learned he has a bad temper to the point of abusing the children and drawing the blood .He and misty could very well be the ones who disposed of the child.He went to work as usual the plans were that she would come up with an alibl and so the story is manufactured.I do not….I repeat….I do not feel good about Ron his shady past and Misty she’s so immature looks guilty as well as Ron .I think Ron has put on a good act and lord I hope this is not another anthony case. Officials will have to use 2nd grade grammar because she don’t comprehend the legal terms …..she looks dazed….like I don’t know …what you mean? Misty is jealous of Haleigh that too is where the immaturity comes into play.We know the repair man stopped by,but do we really know grandma did,and has that been proven?? Has all the houses around in that area been checked under the homes etc etc?? Misty said the wedding is what Haleigh wanted for such a long time……..OMG those two have only dated a few months.Would you get married to someone just because a small child ask you to…..like the child knows what that means.I am on a role people this case is going to surprise us all……with no doubt. Caylee Anthony was found and so will Haliegh.Misty would crack if she was pushed to the edge of the earth.I truly believe this.I have written a short story ,but I am angry.OOPs!! Remember the children were put to bed at 8pm and she had laundred the children’s blankets and covered the children.Did she cover up something their?? She has all day to do laundry and waited till bedtime,futhermore,laundry wasn’t finished at all for the dirty clothes were all over the floor near backdoor where laundry room is.I am closing before I take off on another thought.People lets pray Haleigh is found,and whomever,did this to that baby will be brought to justice.

  30. Yeah, I never thought of that. That Ronald may have had something to do with it. I mean it crossed my mind but when I see him on TV his emotions seem so genuine. Who knows. But I definitely think that Misty has something to cover up. Did you see her on the Today Show when they went to New York after their wedding?
    She didn’t know why her story was inconsistent. She’s nuts and why is no one talking about him having intimate relationships with teenage girls?
    I mean, her mother doesn’t protest, his mother doesn’t protest…what gives???!!!

  31. Well, I have suspected Ron all along. He says he can’t live in the home. WHY, if he claims she’s coming back? Somthing happened there that he can’t face. He also had her face memoralized on his leg. WHY? Is she dead? Too many weird actions on his part. Not acting like a grieving father or an innocent man. Nobody in their right mind would bother getting married under any circumstances if their daughter truly went missing. He should be sick with anxiety, not worried about a bride.

  32. What works for Ron and Misty doesn’t work for everyone… when you are uneducated and poor, marriage at a young age seems like a great option to better yourself. Look at Misty’s face, that poor girl is aged way beyond her 17 years. They both passed lie detector tests, they are not involved. Somebody evil lurks among them, and it was probably someone they knew. I am positive she is out there and somebody knows where the body is.
    It’s only a mater of time before they find her.

  33. There is no official word that they passed the lie detector test.. They have said so, but LE has not come out and cleared them.

  34. No exactly, Mememe. It could be inconclusive. A lie detector test is not admissible in court unless ruled so by the Judge, and there is no trial as of yet. I’m sure LE is building a case and need more evidence. They have to be careful about what they say until there is proof positive.

  35. I just pray for all sides of the family, (parents, siblings, grandparents, volunteers, law enforcement, parents like me that are keeping up with the story). I cannot even imagine what the father or family must be feeling each day, I pray the someone took her as their own, and the little girl is alive and will be returned home. I pray that if something bad did happen then she would be found for closer for her and her family, and for the evil monster who abducted her to be caught! Between reading this girls story and now the little girl in California, I don’t even let my 12yr old walk to school anymore, it is so sad in todays society that a parent has fear putting their own child to bed in his/her own bed for fear of abduction. My poor children, aren’t allowed to play in the front yard, can’t spend the night at friends homes, we have four dogs, fenced yard, alarm system in the home, all out of fear that their mother has for her children’s safety…..

  36. I am saddened by what this world has become. Children are no longer safe in their homes or playing in the backyard of their property. They need to toughen the consequences for criminals found guilty of crimes involving children. If the parents had anything to do with the disappearance of Ron’s daughter, they should both be put to death. It sickens me that children aren’t even safe with their parents. I pray they find this child still alive. My children are teens and I don’t sleep sound at night and always having an ear to any sound in the house. Maybe I’m over protective. What’s wrong with these parents today!!!!

  37. I’m sure I’m considered overprotective too, but that’s okay with me. My kids are teens too, but nowadays, it isn’t any safer at this age. I remember when we never locked our doors at night growing up. People were trusting. I never heard of locking the car either. Times have changed. People are paranoid because weirdos seem to have crawled out of the woodwork and they are everywhere. We must be overly cautious; if not, someone is waiting. That is a terrible thought, but happens to be the truth. I don’t think we should live in a bubble, but we should be alert at all times.

  38. today is april 26, 2009 & my twin sister and i have not heard anymore about this precious little girl. we don’t care about did what and who is married to who. we want to know what happened to the little girl and i think that misty had to be on pretty good drugs or she would have felt that baby being pulled out from her. the reason that i can say that is cause i am ill and i take a sleeping pill and it puts you into this sleep where you can not here nothing or feel anything because i am very ill and that is the only way my body repairs all the cells that need to repairs for the next day so i will not be in so much pain. where is haleigh?

  39. I myself am a little confused by alot of things when it comes to this child, but why all of a sudden little Haliegh is no longer really mentioned anywhere weather it be on tv or the radio. I was always a little skeptical about the girlfriend. Last real thing I heard about any of them was when the father and girlfriend went off to New York… My personal opiinion.. if my daughter was missing, marriage and a honeymoon would be the last thing I would be worried about.If anyone else has heard anything else about Haliegh, please post if you will..

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  44. Misty knows what happend to Haliegh. She has lied about everything from the begaining. She’s doing drugs and does not give two shits about where that baby is. I feel so bad for her mother and grandparents, and I think that Ron is a peace of shit, for running off and marring that little bitch. I know that if I was him I’d find out what happend to my little girl and I’d make sure Misty gets what she dessivers. MISTY knows more than she says, she acts like she does’nt, but she does. If I was Ron I’d kill her if I found out she had anything to do with the babys dissapents. MISTY KNOWS WHERE HALIEGH IS AND WHEN THEY FIND HER I HOPE MISTY GETS PUT AWAY FOR ALONG LONG TIME……. I hope Haliegh is returned to her family safely.

  45. Have the police checked out every
    single person that gas committed a crime in this area like murder?
    It is possible and plausible someone walked in , and an incident like that could occur with a sound sleeper. I hope and pray to God in faith that whatever happened to Haliegh will be revealed. That marriage shows poor judgment too and it doesn’t make senxe how Misty was all smiles and Ron is so taken by her after all now misty can be the girl in the family with no competition,, It’s time to tell the truth whoever you are.May God comfort those who truly mourn Haielgh

  46. I will never understand WHY?? the teen step mom hasnt been arrested! The evidence seems overthe top she was involved in whatever happened to that little girl. This whole crime makes me physically ill. This child needs returned to the family no matter what the outcome is.

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