8 throughts on "Little Devil"

  1. Bryan Belrad:
    “Hopefully there is enough evidence for a jury to convict Alan Jones and put that murdering pedophile away for life.”
    Libel, much?

    You might just have a point there. Got carried away I suppose. Thanks for noticing!

  2. Bryan Belrad is Alan Jones’ Brother, Richard. Ask him about knowing Erin lived the way she did. Ask Bryan about seeing her caged in her bedroom. He knows all about it. This is not slander, this is facts.

  3. That’s interesting to know. I doubt if I will ask him anyway, judging from his writings he’s already suspended disbelief in the rest of reality, why would this be any different?

  4. if you knew what that little girl was going through why didnt you do anything?? why not call someone?? family or not if you see a child in that kind of situation you get them out.

  5. Wow … This Bryan guy is Strange indeed … the creepy articles in his silly Helium page …ewwwww… How to change your name etc. One of the Hats he is wearing is an ugly one … DENIAL…. JUSTICE 4 ERIN NOW

  6. Bryan, it looks as if your mother has been convicted of endangering a child. Have any more smart-ass remarks about libel?
    Hey, how about you seeing her caged in her bedroom? Now that the endangerment trial is out of the way why don’t you come clean with what you know?
    I guess next up is Alan’s trial sentencing for the Maxwells.

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