Luis Mendez is an Asshole


A disabled woman was waiting for the bus in from of a Shell gas station this morning, on her way to work. The woman, whose name hasn’t been released, is deaf and mute and also legally blind although she does have some sight. She normally rides the bus but occasionally one of her male co-workers will give her a ride to work, which is how she ended up with this piece of work pictured to the left.
Luis Mendez approached the woman and led her to his car. Once they got there and the sun shined on his face she realized it wasn’t her co-worker and she tried to get away. Mendez forced her into his car and locked it. That’s when he started to molest her, all the time driving. When he pulled into a gas station she managed to get out of the car and run into the store.
The woman managed to write a note saying that someone tried to abduct her and the clerk immediately called 911 and asked a customer to get his tag number since the dumbass was still parked in his car across the street.
When officers arrived they found Mendez sitting in his car, sexually aroused with his pants unzipped. He also had two knives tucked inside the pocket on his driver’s side door and a club wrapped in duct tape under his seat. Mendez, who was last arrested in 2001 was charged with False Imprisonment and Lewd and Lascivious Molestation of an Elderly Person and is being held on $4,000 bond.
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  1. Luis Mendez is obviously sick in the head! And a $4000 bond? What the hell? Can our system make it any easier for these predators to cause more harm prior to trial? $4000 WHAT A JOKE.

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