Bryon Earl Huff is a Depraved Meth-Head

Bryon Earl Huff

Over the weekend the Clackamas County Sheriff’s department arrested this jovial guy pictured above and charged him with several serious crimes.

Bryon Earl Huff is one of those freakish people that get off by showing other people their family jewels. By other people I mean children. At least were it an adult they would have the faculties to laugh it off and point but judging by the meth-head’s happy-go-lucky grin and wrinkled old ass his privates probably wouldn’t have looked much better and are sure to scare the living shit out of the eight-year-old girl he decided to flash in a Goodwill Store on Sunday. Huff had altered his sweatpants so that all he had to do was move them a certain way in order to flash which just shows that his depravity required a bit of forethought. 
Of course this isn’t the first time that Huff’s done it either. He’s been arrested at least 21 times in the last 20 years for various charges including public indecency. Did I mention the dude is a meth-head? Oh yeah, when he was arrested this time officers found a pipe containing meth residue. He was lodged in the Clackamas County jail and is supposed to be arraigned this afternoon on charges of public indecency, possession of a controlled substance and a probation violation related to the possession charge. 
Here’s to hoping that Bryon Huff gets to spend some quality time behind bars where he can flash the other prisoners and get his ass kicked.
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