Dmitriy V. Sklyarov IS the Aryan Sorcerer…


Update at the bottom of the post.
…or so he claimed. His MySpace page was deleted at some point this week along with most of his pictures and all comments on other people’s pages. Guess they decided his brand of hate didn’t belong there once he was arrested.
Sklyarov seems to be a pretty colorful guy. Last year he held a protest at Muncie City Hall where he got to tell everyone how much he hates Blacks and Jews and now he’s been arrested for child abuse among other things.
The arrest warrant alleges that on October 8th Dmitriy repeatedly but his girlfriend’s nine-year-old son leaving at least 13 bite marks that were still visible the next day the child’s arms and at least one bite mark on each leg. Get this though, the girlfriend says that Sklyarov bit him for fun and that he was just playing with her son but got too rough.


That’s right, this woman has such a case of keep the penis syndrome that she is willing to place this dude before her child’s welfare. Never mind the fact that he is probably filling this child with hatred but once it got physical she should have sat up and asked what the heck he thought he was doing, not defended him. I’m sure it was all in fun for Sklyarov but then again Pol Pot probably had a bit of fun as well. Not that I would ever suggest that this dude could be a killer but sometimes things progress past where they should.
In addition to the Neglect of a Dependent Resulting in Bodily Injury and Battery charges he now faces he’s got a couple of other charges form over the summer such as harassment and possession of marijuana…’cause all Aryan Sorcerers need a bit of weed to keep them centered and hating properly.
The harassment charge resulted from the fact that he called Wes-Del High School (the same one he dropped out of) and threatened two teachers on phone messages. He must have thought the messages would self-destruct after being heard, either that or he missed the day on answering machines. In the first message he said he had placed a spell on the teachers by making dolls in their image on which he placed his own blood and he predicted that they would get sick and die. The second message said that he was a hard-cord black magician and added Hail, Satan! to the end. In addition to having the incriminating evidence of his recorded voice on the machine, he called from his own house. bwahaha.
His initial hearing on the misdemeanor harassment charges was back in September and when he failed to show up the Judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest. Guess they didn’t look hard enough.
I mentioned at the top of the post that his MySpace stuff is gone but fortunately for us the Google Cache keeps around some of his really intelligent stuff like this comment on someone else’s blog post:


He then proceeded to post three more derogatory comments right after that, each worse than the first. His blog posts are even worse. This is one example but the only one I’m going to put up.

Heinrich Himmler, the head of the Nazi SS was a grandmaster / High Priest of a Dark Pagan coven of 12 SS men. They performed many rituals of Black Magic such as Necromancy and absorbing power from nature at Wewelsburg Castle. Most of the castle was destroyed to keep it from the invading Jewish controlled armies. The Jews who have infiltrated the world governments, international banks, and most of all the mass-media, want to destroy our Aryan race by inter breeding and race mixing us with non-white scum such as niggers. Our Aryan race has more intelligence in our DNA than any other race. That was given to us by Odin, or what ever you want to call the force that created our Aryan race. The Jews were born to be parasites, it is in the Jewish DNA. they are also very intelligent, but they use the intelligence they have for completely opposite purposes than the Aryans do. The Jews want to race mix us with all the niggers and mongrels, who have the lowest intelligence in their DNA. Every day I see this mongrel babies, this abominations against nature itself. This is how our race is being destroyed. The Jewish controlled mass media controls what information people receive and if you control that, you control what the masses believe. The Jews are the roots of all lies.

Odin is more than just a symbol of the White heritage from thousands of years ago. Odin is an actual force known as a Pagan God that created the Aryan race. Odin may not look as how he is drawn in pictures, but he is a powerful force that exists and is one of the Pagan Gods that manifests itself in us, the Aryan race. Odin is also the god of war and magic. For those that practise White and Black magic rituals, such as myself know this very well.

This article should sum up our moral struggle to save our Aryan race.

Hail Hitler / Hail Odin,

Dmitriy Sklyarov – Aryan Nations Representative For Indiana

The problem is that the guy probably seriously believes this stuff. I’m all for freedom of religion, or non-religion as well as freedom of speech but once you start getting into hate speech and racial epithets like the garbage above you are treading on seriously dangerous ground. This guy seems one step away from lynching someone.

Updated – I posted this back in October and as I mentioned in a recent entry I like to keep these posts updated as often as I can but in order to do that I have to depend on you folks to keep me informed. Sometimes that means that I will come across newer information at one of the blogs I read. In this case Danny Vice came through.

Dmitriy V. Sklyarov has pleaded guilty to repeatedly biting a 9-year-old boy. In addition to his guilty plea he decided to provide a bit more entertainment and during a court date back in December he stood up and shouted “Heil Hitler” at the judge.

Sklyarov and the District Attorney’s office arrived at a plea deal. In exchange for him pleading guilty to battery resulting in bodily injury he gets ONE year in jail and a $100 fine. He is also serving a 90-day sentence for contempt of court for his outburst in court. I don’t know if the one year includes time served or not.

So a little more than one year from now I’m sure we’ll start to be entertained again by Sklyarov’s antics on MySpace as well as other places on the web. Maybe he can go hang out with the Hitler children in New Jersey…

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  1. when i was a student a Ball State University i worked at a mcdonald’s near campus. i used to work with this guy. i was told by managers that he was a little off and needed some extra help. i remember he got fired at one point b/c he went on a vacay or something and he didn’t request it off. when he got back he didn’t understand why he didn’t have a job anymore. it seems to me like he was capable of some tasks, but the idea of thinking ahead was the kinds of things he was slower on…lacking common sense. now, i didn’t work with him very long, but i got along with him. he was one of those slightly annoying had to ask you the same question a million times kind of guy, but seriously…how hard is it to make fries at mcdonalds???

  2. Check the email address he used to post his comment. I’ll bet this rocket scientist used his real one! LMFAO!

  3. No, he used some bullshit address. First thing I checked. I don’t generally publish email addresses but I would have made an exception here. Trolls don’t count.

  4. I suck jewish penis and love it. I am also insanely jealous of anyone with a personality or opinion.

  5. Hehe. Sorry about that. He posted five or six yesterday using your name and I caught those pretty early but now he’s coming in on a different IP address, possibly using Scroogle.
    I really need to finish the new site and go to signed up commenters only but just haven’t had the time.

  6. No biggie. It’s clear he’s a troll. I know I shouldn’t feed them, but it was pretty funny. I saw his comments yesterday (email notification) and saw that they were deleted. It happens sometimes.
    Finish the new site when you can. Better it be done right than done in a hurry. ๐Ÿ™‚ In the meantime, I’ll try to avoid feeding the trolls. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Trolls are meant to be fed occasionally. I don’t have a problem with them posting as long as they understand this is my site and I will edit their comments if/when the need arises.
    He/she (if it is Dmitriy and not some other douchebag friend of his) is more than welcome to come spout his garbage all day long just as long as he’s using his real email address and name. A good argument can be fun.

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