Pedro Rivera IS Mr Frost…


I can’t think of very many things that an 11-year-old boy might do to receive punishment so harsh that it would leave him in the hospital but apparently Pedro Rivera’s sense of morals is so wildly different than mine that he thought it was OK to treat his son that way.

Police in Bear, Delaware were called out to the 29-year-old Rivera’s apartment over the weekend after they received an anonymous tip that a case of child abuse was in progress. When police got to the apartment Pedro’s girlfriend, 26-year-old Megan Brazell, answered the door and told them she was at home alone with her two babies. The told them she had gotten into an argument with Pedro but he had left so everything was OK.

The officers heard the shower running and when they asked Megan about it she told them the dog was in the tub. WTF? My dog always gives himself a bath, at least once a day…

The officers smartly decided to search the apartment and found the boyfriend hiding in the rear bedroom. Pedro told them everything was just hunky dory ad that he was disciplining his son by keeping him in the tub for 40 minutes.
When officers entered the bathroom they found the boy on his hands and knees on the floor halfway into the bedroom closet. He had his clothes on but was shaking and shivering from the cold. He also couldn’t respond to the police to give them his name. His hands were burned, blistered and bleeding and he had abrasions and bruises on his face and head. When the officers checked the bath it was ice cold. They transported him to the hospital where he was treated for hypothermia as well as burns to his back and buttocks as well as his hands, bruises on his head, face and arms, contusions to his head, bruises under his eyes and a hemorrhage in his left eye. Doctors say that the blisters looked like frostbite that was starting to heal. Fucking FROSTBITE!
Pedro Rivera and Megan Brazell were both arrested on the spot and charged with abuse or neglect and endangering the welfare of a child. Rivera was also charged with possession with the intent to deliver Marijuana, maintaining a dwelling for keeping a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Police found more than 20 bags of pot in his bedroom during the search. He’s been arraigned and is spending his time in the Howard Young Prison after not being able to post bond. The lying bitch of a girlfriend was also arraigned but has been able to post the $22,000 secured bail.
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2 throughts on "Pedro Rivera IS Mr Frost…"

  1. Hate to say it, but some folks just need killin’…this POS is one of them.
    I sure hope this child ends up in a loving foster home !

  2. Hopefully along with the other two children as well. Then again I am wondering if perhaps the girlfriend is the one who made the anonymous call. Wouldn’t be the first time an SO was afraid to stop the abuse but did so from behind their spouse/boyfriend’s back. I sure hope it was her anyway.

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