What Made Joe Briggs Snap?

Joseph Frederick Briggs was a senior at Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania. He majored in Criminal Science and also played football. He was a star lineman on his High School team as well.  He was originally from Dickerson (near Frederick), Maryland. Apparently he’s been having girlfriend problems lately and after a night of drinking and hanging out at the Filly Corral, a strip club in Smithton he let his issues get to him and he lost it. 

He started out firing shots out of a car in I-70 and then Briggs barricaded himself in his off-campus home after threatening to hurt himself or his roommates and after police were called to the residence around 4am Sunday morning he fired at least 58 shots at them, cars and another house in the area.
The standoff lasted for three hours and at around 7am Briggs stood in front of a window and pointed his shotgun at police. State Trooper Ronald Salandro fired one shot at Briggs, killing him.
According to everything I’ve gathered so far the episode was extremely out of character for Briggs and police are still trying to piece together exactly what made him snap. In addition to the MySpace page he also has a Facebook account but it has been closed to all but his current friends. Prior to being made private he had quite a few comments from friends and even one of the coaches at Seton Hill. 
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2 throughts on "What Made Joe Briggs Snap?"

  1. It is so sad knowing that the life of this boy was wasted because of impulsive decisions and misguided actions.
    An eye opener for both parents and children.

  2. I went to school with this kid in highschool. he was a dick to most people. also that kid had a drinking problem so this doesnt surprise me at all.

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