Police Question Misty Croslin's Story in Haleigh's Disappearance

According to Misty Croslin, Ronald Cumming’s girlfriend, She put Haleigh Cummings to bed around 8pm the night that she disappeared and the last time that Misty saw her was when she went to bed a couple of hours later. She woke up at around 3am and found Haleigh missing. Ronald Cummings got home from work shortly thereafter and that’s when 911 was called. This has pretty much been the story all along, although Misty’s has changed a couple of times.

Although I have suspected Misty Croslin of misleading investigators at the very least, now they are saying that they are starting to question her story. Apparently they have received a tip that Misty Croslin left the trailer sometime late that night or early in the morning and are following up on it. No other details are available yet but as soon as I hear something I’ll update this post.
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  1. Misty has been hanging out wilth alot of bad people.she left home a a couple of day then come back and a couple of night later Haleigh comes up gone. I hope Misty has nothing to do with the little girl coming up gone, but she is looking very bad right now. She has changed her story, so is she trying to hide something or protect someone else. Misty if you have nothing to do with it then tell the truth and the truth only..Has someone scared her or said they would hurt her if she told the police the truth..Misty if you no what happen to Haleigh then tell the police,clear yours and your family name. They want be able to hurt you if there in prison!!!!!

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