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I just wanted to put up a quick update on some of the stuff happening in the Haleigh Cummings search. 
One thing that has come up today that apparently has been rumored for the last few days but which I just learned, is that a cousin if Misty Croslin’s, ‘Joe’, was in Satsuma around the time that Haleigh disappeared. He is back home in Tennessee and one of the big rumors flying around is that he is a pedophile. In a press conference with Haleigh’s paternal grandmother and aunt the grandmother told the media she he had ‘heard he was a pedophile’. 
Lt. Johnny Greenwood from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office disputed that rumor saying that “as far as we know, he is not a sex offender”. FBI nvestigators have spoken to Joe at his home in Tennessee but the Sheriff’s Office is not releasing any details. They also won’t confirm or deny how Croslin and ‘Joe’ are related. From what I understand, Putnam County detectives did receive a tip that Haleigh had been seen in a Carrabas restaurant in Knoxville. According to witnesses a man with the girl shielded her face and then drove off in a red Toyota Rav4 with a Florida license plate. Seems to me that if it were the cousin from Tennessee he would have Tennessee tags. More than likely it’s just someone visiting the area. I saw at least three cars today with Florida tags at my restaurant, I can pretty much guarantee that none of them had Haleigh with them either.


Allegedly the man also got into a fight over a gun with Ronald Cummings while he was in town as well, although Ronald Cummings has denied that. I’ve run across the rumor on several different news sites and forums but nobody seems to be able to corroborate it. Just one more rumor in a mill.
Misty Croslin got another 15 minutes this morning and was interviewed by Matt Lauer of the Today show.  He asked her several different questions, including about the cousin. Croslin  promptly threw him under the bus and then backed over him…when Lauer asked her is she thought the relative had anything to do with Haleigh’s disappearance she didn’t answer definitively ‘no’ or ‘yes’. She said “I really don’t know. I don’t know if he did or not” When Lauer asked her to clarify that statement she said “”I’m not quite sure at all. No. … He’s a criminal, pretty much; he’s been in trouble his whole life. I don’t trust him,”. Damn, that’s harsh. She also added that she hasn’t spoken to him since he left Satsuma.
He (Lauer) also asked about the pink shirt that she initially told investigators that Haleigh was wearing. Apparently she later found it in the dirty clothes and she showed the detectives after she found it.
Misty is also denying rumors that she left the mobile home the night of Haleigh’s disappearance.
The reward for Haleigh Cummings’ safe return has also been increased to $20,000 according to a news conference held earlier today by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. Investigators also received some sort of tip today that lef them to search a wooded area near the home. Nobody is saying what the tip was or if they found anything there. More than 70 searchers combed the area. My feeling is that that are getting close to finding Haleigh. After eleven days it’s extremely unlikely that she is still alive though. I do know that Sheriff’s Investigators had Croslin back down at the sheriff’s office again yesterday for five hours of questioning. They have also seized a vehicle in connection with the case but are not providing any details about the type of vehicle or who owns it.
Someone has also decided that it just wasn’t cool that Ronald Cummings stay in a tent and has donated a camper while investigators continue the search for Haleigh.
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  1. Little girls ages 4 and 5 can be dressed by an adult then when the adult leaves the room can put something else on, like my grandaughter did the other night after her mother bathed and dressed her. So Misty could have put the pink t shirt on Haleigh then Haleigh could have changed what she was wearing..

  2. After hearing tonights tips on the cousin of Mistys named Joe
    And a sighting of Haleigh coming out of restarant in Tennessee.
    I have a feeling that Haleigh is alive and well and will be reunited with her family soon,,
    This is a parents worst nightmare, I have been there!

  3. Personally, I think Misty changed her story a few times because she probably went to visit a friend in the trailer park while the kids were sleeping nearby. she may have propped the door open with a cinder block herself in order to get back into the house without going through the front door. My opinion is that she is not involved in anyway with Haleighs disappearance. Anyone can read the sadness in her eyes and voice. However, she might be scared to say that she left the trailer for a while knowing that it would make Ron furious. We must not forget that she isn’t much more than a child herself. These are just my own assumptions.I pray everyday that this family will be reunited with this adorable child. Unlike Casey Anthony Ron Cummings and both families immediately asked the whole world to try to find Haleigh. IMMEDIATELY. I will never forget Ron Cummings voice on the 911 call…such terrifying anguish that his daughter was missing UNLIKE Casey Anthony who NEVER reported her little girl missing and who has hardly shed a tear for her soul. .

  4. Here are a few thoughts on the Haleigh case: If Misty left the trailer, how long was she gone? Let’s say for example, she left the trailer at 11pm and did not return until around 3am. Think about how many hours this little girl could have been missing. I am sure that 3/4 hours is plenty of time to travel far enough away from the scene that no one would be able to track the kidnapper and Haleigh.
    Also, police have checked on REGISTERED sex offenders…uh, hello I am POSITIVE there are plenty of sex offenders out there that just have not got caught yet! This could be a person that is not known to the authorities.
    It could be someone that lives nearby. Someone who had been casing the neighborhood, knew the kids and Misty were there alone at night, someone who would not look suspicious as far as being in the area. I heard that police had questioned the neighbors, but look what happened to little Jessica Lunsford?? She was right there…100 yards away from her home.
    Isn’t it also a possibility that this person took Haleigh only to sell her to someone that wanted a child badly enough they would be willing to buy her?
    I’m just throwing things out there….all the while praying they find this little girl alive and that even IF Misty did leave the trailor, that they NOT try to blame her…she is a child herself.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family…

  5. It is very hard for me to look upon Misty as a child, she has been living in an adult situation for at least 6 months, her childhood has now passed. And she was the responsible party for both of those children. There are too many ifs about this case, and one of the factors that makes me wonder.. Is how quiet the Police are in their findings. It is possible that Haleigh decided to change her clothes, but with the girl friend sleeping in the same room, it is hard for me to imagine that too much activity could have occurred without someone being distrubed and woken up. I do believe that the Police are looking at all of the unanswered questions, and as reported, the police have not stepped up and made any statments clearing either the father or the girlfriend. I also have a very hard time believing that this house was chosen at random, with an insight that the father wasn’t at home, but they would know how to enter this residence that was locked up, with sleeping people inside, and that they would know where Haleigh sleep, where her clothes were to help her change clothes.. So quiet that no one was distrubed, and this tiny little girl wasn’t frightened, crying, screaming at a total stranger sneaking into her room and taking her from her bed in the middle of the night, in the dark.. Come on people, lets be rational about this..

  6. My God,our babies aren’t even safe in our homes anymore.Misty is 17 yrs old,mentally she IS a child.Where are her parents and why is she dating much less living with a 24 yr old man?She’s not being completly honest somewhere with her stories.She either knows what
    happened or she snuck out and left the back door open to keep from waking the kids when she got home.My daughter is 14 and i don’t allow her home by herself in the day time,especially at night.This whole situation makes me angry.I’d really love to have a conversation with Misty’s parents about actually being a parent.Now a little 5 yr old baby may never reach the age of 17,never have her first date,her first kiss,her wedding,or have babies of her own,everything a little girl dreams of.I pray to God this isn’t another Caley Anthony story.I hope Ronald Cummings grow up and realize Misty is a child not a grown women and she’s damn sure not mature enough to pretend to be mother of his children.

  7. i hope the mom and dad is doing good.i am praying for yall and for yalls family.i thank misty did not have anything to do with the disappear of haleigh.haleigh will be returned safe.the person whoes got that litter girl need to braig that girl to her family so she can be reunited with her family.whoe ever wound take a litter girl from her bed when she is sleeping need to be sister got 3 kids and i will do anything for the kids.and i wont to no how misty did not here anything while she was sleep.i no yall had over a 100 tips to haleigh i hope yall braig her home to her family. someone whoe new the family took the girl from her bed. whoe wound no what time the kids and misty gos to bed.whoe no what time the get off from work.someone that new the family got haleigh.i am praying for all of yall.braig that litter girl home.leave misty alone she look good.

  8. Something is not right with this story. First a stranger is not going to walk into a home not knowing who’s there. A robbery didn’t occur, A murder didn’t occur, if Misty was there it would seem like someone would have raped her. By that person taking a child, makes me think it was something personal between that person and perhaps the father, but it makes me wonder why didn’t they take the boy? Misty knows more than she is saying, she’s probally scared but hopefully she will break, she may be scared of someone. She’s there and didn’t see or hear anything. Makes me wonder. Where is her parents, why is she on national television with a grown man smoking a cigarette and she is not old enough to pay for cigarettes, or smoke and no one seem to notice this? I sense something strange and I’m not sure if it’s both Misty and Ron or just Ron. Did anyone check his alibi from his job? No fingerprints in the home? I hope and pray that this little innocent girl is found and not harmed in anyway. They may need to arrest the girlfriend and maybe she will break. This is real strange.

  9. Whoever took Haleigh dressed her again and put her shirt in the clothes to be washed. Somehow this does not seem like your typical abductor. This happened all while Misty was in the same house. No this doesn’t make sense at all. I think Misty left the home at some point during the night.
    Maybe she did not notice Haleigh was gone as she began to do the laundry. Or Haleigh woke up saw that Misty was gone and changed her clothes to go out looking for her. I’m sure Misty would not want anyone to know she left the children alone. I pray they bring Haleigh home soon. But if Misty hasn’t told the whole truth she really needs to now, to help find the missing child.

  10. Is it me or does this keep getting crazier?In the middle of searching for his 5yr old daughter he gets married?Something is so wrong here.Are they mentally slow and just not realize to the full extent what’s going on?You just don’t have a wedding and honeymoon when you have a baby missing.She is MISSING not at a babysitter’s house.Ronald says he wants attn on his child and not him but he keeps finding a way to make it about him.Misty acts like she’s in a parade and walked out on an interview because she said detectives were “rude”.These people can’t be right in the head.

  11. I think Misty left those kids and went to visit someone.
    1. How else would the door get unlocked from the inside?
    It’s been proven there was no forced entry.
    2. How would you not hear someone come into the home when you are young and your b/f is working. You would most likely hear every creak because you are alone.
    3.They both said that the door could not be opened by a child. It was too high and it was tight.
    4. The door was propped open so that Misty could get back in without going through the front door. Both doors close on their own if not propped open.
    Misty needs to come clean because the time line is important to investigators to determine clues to finding her.
    She knows more than she is telling.

  12. I think personally think that Misty killed Haleigh and or had something to do with the disapearance just because the kid was in her way to be with the father. Its only common sence that a step mom or dad’s girlfriend had some conflict with the child. the only people who really have the understanding or patience to take care of their kids are the parents and sometimes not even then as seen in other cases such as Kaylee Anthony. Every one knows that an irrisponsible seventeen year old girl thats not related to the kid couldn’t care enough to watch for the kids every one also know that a teens world revolves around their selfs. And Haleighs dad is stupid for marrying Misty when he know deep at heart that Misty got rid of her. They are just showing how much of Trailer trash they really are. They dont care to find her. If one of my kids was gone i wouldn’t be to concerned about being on TV every day. I would be out on the streets or forest looking for my baby.

  13. I think Misty got high with visitors. Visitors unlocked door to come back in for 1 of many possible reasons. Listen to 9-1-1 call she was so confused and ron kept saying my b!@#h gf let someone take my baby. I think he has a good idea who that someone is. Why in the world would you let someone who had sexually molested you get near anyone elses kids! Haleigh did not leave by herself…the brick proves that. Dad also sleeping with children himself needs to answer for doing so.

  14. Actually, the county decided it was not cool for the family to be staying in a tent, and ordered the tent usage to stop.
    I listened to a physc profiler who is an expert ?? on child abusers. She reflected on a parent who would seek flaws within the children, and she gave an example: Bed Wetting. After, she finished I though maybe she doesn’t spend much time watching the interviews as she reflects. She seemed to miss the interview with Missy talking about finding Haleighs blanket that last night and it smelled like Pee, and she had to wash the blanket.. And she stated she put the blanket overtop of Haleigh after it was cleaned. This is one of the elements not discussed, with Haleigh sleeping on the small crib mattress versus the larger bed? I am still confused why two children in one bedroom, small child in a large bed, the older child on a crib mattress.. These are observations, that have not been addressed.
    We have all witnessed the photos taken of little Haleigh and her facial injuries, and the bruising on the baby boys legs. There wasn’t one bruise on the boy, as he was turned over, one observe’s more. and they are longer than a general I bumped my leg bruise.
    Children at the ages of Little Haleigh and Little Ron, are full of excitment, exploring and gaining a bit of independance. So, they are going to be all over the place, laughting – running – playing – and fighting, this is normal for any household with children. One thing that struck me very odd. Watching the Christmas tape, Haleigh’s response to her Great Grandmother’s voice.. Her little face lite right up. But, another very low voice grabbed Haleigh’s attention, and her little face went blank, and she looked in the direction of the person speaking. That seems to linger in the back of my mind, such a sudden reaction.

  15. Some questions Misty said she woke up and was going to the bathroom,noticed the light was on and the back door was opened.Then she noticed Haleigh missing. She went to to call Who?
    Land phone or cell phone? Did she get an answer? What time? If Ron got a call at work,Why did he say What are doing up to her when he arrived home? Is she always asleep when he gets home from work.What way does he enter the home? Who was his girlfriend before Misty and why did they breakup? Family friends that knows the layout of the home? How many people knowed of his job hours? Has investigators check calls that week by phone records?

  16. Just to answer a few of your questions, Misty said she called Ron from her cell. He was already in the drive way and instead of answering walked to the front door where Misty was waiting to tell him his daughter was missing. He searched the home for her then instructed Misty to call 911.
    As far as the door he used to enter the house he says he ALWAYS uses the front door. The back door is never opened. Of course in an interview Misty stated they only use the back door to take out the trash or if they are washing the car, so apparently the door is used at times which allows for opportunity for the door to be left unlocked. They insist it is not possible.
    Hope this helped.

  17. They say the Dad was at work when this happen. Maybe something happen to Haleigh before Dad went to work. Maybe girlfriend is covering for him. Who in there right mind would get married during this time of his missing daughter. That would be the last thing on my mind. I know his reason of getting married so when Haleigh gets home, she will come home to Dad and Step Mom as married, which I think is full of crab.
    Another thing, why is the kids sharing a room with the Dad and Girl Friend? Is that a one bedroom trailer? I’m sure there been a background check on the Dad, why the little young teenagers? Does this man have a problem?
    The dog sniff out the dumpster, something had to be there, but maybe removed.

  18. The other night Misty’s mother said: Misty noiced when she woke up that Haleigh was missing and Haleigh had put a different video in the
    t.v. to play. this was other than the one Misty gave Haleigh to watch.
    So Haleigh was still awake after Misty went to sleep. I think for some reason she was mad at Misty and took her shirt off put it in the laundry and got dressed to sneak outside.

  19. I think most everyone in this family is lacking in common sense and certainly parenting skills! I don’t blame the biological mom for seeking custody of their son. Clearly, Ronnie Boy doesn’t understand why 17 year-olds are not adults and leaving one in charge of the safety and well-being of his kids was poor judgment. Who knows why someone took this little girl? But we do know that someone went to alot of trouble to do so – and Misty somehow managed to miss it all! I think Ron and his little girlfriend have some ideas as to whom may have done this and why. And there’s only one reason why he married her…to bolster his case in the upcoming custody battle.

  20. Does anyone think it is strange that Ron does not care about Misty being with another man. A black man. The little boy said the couch was bouncing and the man that was there had squeaky shoes. Then Ron makes the statement he married Misty because he wanted to keep his enemies close.
    Ron doesn’t seem like the type of guy that wants to share his child bride. Why isn’t the police checking out the record of Ron and why isn’t Child Services doing a better job of knowing what is going on in this family.

  21. That little girl didnt just didnt disappear off the face of the earth. I have a feeling Misty had SOMETHING to do with it. Nobody and I mean NOBODY goes and gets married when their child is missing!!!! SHAME on the FATHER for doing that!!!!!

  22. I strongly believe Misty holds the answer. I dont see how they haven’t charge either one of them Ron or Misty for Neglence. He left he children in the care of a 17 year old for extended hours. Her story has changed soo many times. Now the latest she was getting it on with someone on the coach. That guy has a bunch of drug charges and Ron a drug dealer hmmm. Or how the van that moved and tampered with. Someone who had access to it. I dont trust Misty as far I can throw her that not very far lol. The poor mother im glad she finally doing something about everything. I hope they find Haliegh to bring closure to this family. I hope they catch the jerk who did this. She has a my space and she says she 19yrs old go figure she an imature liar.

  23. The Babysitter
    I have many questions about the way Haleigh Cummings was taken. I’ve followed this case from the beginning. I want to know about this deadbolt on the back door, was it a keyless type and what other locks if any where on the door? Also, it is possible that this person entered somewhere else and then exited through the back door. This would explain the brick. There weren’t any jimmy marks on the back door. I have heard this from the media. How mature is a 17 yr old little girl anyway? Misty may have some babysitting skills, but she lacks the most basic maternal instincts of a mother. If she had given birth to a child, she would never sleep the same way again. That’s a fact. This is so outrageous to me that she didn’t hear anything. I’m wandering if she had taken a sleeping aid that night. Those children belong with their mother. I have been through family court and know that in some cases, not all, it’s not about who’s fit or unfit, to all of you social workers out there it’s whose lawyer has the best rapport with the presiding judge or who has the most money. This does happen in very cliquish hick towns more than you think. Why would a normal person marry a teenager, especially having two small children? I find it very interesting that this surprise marriage proposal happened just right before the mother hires an attorney to seek custody, and if he was so in love with her, why did it take him so long to pop the question? I do not doubt that those children are loved, but letting a 17 yr old raise his children is totally irresponsible. I can’t blame the mother for what she is doing, and I hope she wins. No parent is perfect, as I’m sure the mother isn’t perfect, but I’ll bet that if you look into Ronald’s past, I’m sure you’ll find something. This sounds like a hick town, with hick southern Baptist judges. The mother suffers seizures, and didn’t get her driver’s license until she left Ronald. She had a seizure just the other day while driving; no one was injured, thank god. Reported on Nancy Grace. I’m wandering if this medical condition affected the custody decision because many people with Epilepsy are discriminated against. That is also a fact. One more point, shortly after this happened Misty was being interviewed and she stated that, “she would never hurt a little kid and those kids had called her mommy”. Children don’t call their father’s live-in mommy without being coached.

  24. I also think this whole thing is unbelievable. Ron knows what happened. Misty knows what happened. NOBODY, NOBODY marries someone that LOST their kid! He THOUGHT getting married would keep their secret a secret. Not. Feel sorry for Ron? That’s what I keep hearing. Why? He is going around ticked off that the media is always in his face. Shouldn’t he be so glad they want to follow the case? Shouldn’t he be concerned about what’s best for Haleigh, and not himself? He is so focused on “Ron”….sort of reminds me of Casey. It’s all about them, and not the kid. RED FLAGS everywhere.
    Someone please tell me why this man can’t live in his home where his daughter is supposedly coming back to? Not typical of an innocent man.

  25. Why was Haleigh taken from the home? The little boy saw something that night (couch was bouncing and the man had squeaky shoes),but did not get up. Did Haleigh see something and she became a victim.

  26. I think Haleigh saw Misty with another man and Misty got rid of her.I bet if LE would let Crystal have Misty in a room without anyone interferring she’d tell her where her baby is.Who gives a crap about a polygraph.I had a neice that was molested and her stepdad passed one but then later confessed when her grandpa beat him til he told the truth.Still praying for Haleigh but this isn’t looking good for chances of her being found alive.I’m starting to think Ronald isn’t involved,is he guilty of being just plain damn stupid?Yes he is,drugs yes,hot tempered yes.I can go on and on but im not so sure that he was physically or knowingly involved.I have become even worse about being over protective with my kids with all these missing kids,Cailey,Haleigh,now an 8yr old in Cali that has been missing was found dead,raped,and her body stuffed in a suitcase and thrown in a drain pond.My daughter is 9yrs old.I think people who do this should get a death penalty.A VERY slow death.It’s sooo sickening that our children aren’t safe anywhere with anyone.


  28. Does anyone know what kind of locks were on the back door? Keyless deadbolt and or otherwise!


  30. Because there wern’t any jimmy marks on the back door and if a key is needed to unlock the deadbold, somethings not quite right. I can’t believe that someone could come into a bedroom 3 feet away from someone wrestle with picking up 30 to 40 lbs with blankets, FROM THE FLOOR, I might add, and Misty not hear a single thing. I really hope Crystal gets her children back. People are saying that this custody suit is bad timing…I don’t think so. During this 911 call, Ron called Misty a F…… B…. YOU LOST MY KID! Later Misty turned it around and said Ron called the dispatcher that name. NO

  31. look under the trailer…case solved…little girl saw something she should have not seen..guy takes off..little girl killed to keep her mouth shut..happens too often…

  32. The bottom line here is MISTY knows something one way or the other..She had been on a 3 day drug binge and sleeping with another man yet he went and got her to watch the kids?? why not get great-grandma or grandma to watch them,why leave them with a cheating drug phene?i wouldnt rule RON out just yet someone could of clocked him in,or covered while he left a few minutes.These kids have a messed up enviroment on both sides of the family,everyone seems to love drugs.and the pictures of haleigh,what in the hell is florida’s playground on cement? here in tx they are on grass or dirt there is no way i could see a fall to the ground on grass cause that kind of injury.The thing that stands out the most is misty{confusion,lies,and changes in stories]i think is because she wasnt at home,i believe she was out and about and i think theres someone out there that could verify that!! I also believe when she got home and haleigh was gone,hurt or ect..she called ron he came home first to get the story straight then call 911,thats why he said dumb bi*** why did you let them take her? meaning you were out and about and someone came in and got her..

  33. what i want to know is why in one case a mother is arrested for lying to police , before the body is even found . yet misty cummings has lied time and time again and yet she is freee
    come one a frist grader can figure this out . what ever happen happened in her home . i dont know who did some thing to her , but all who live in that home adults know what happend to her . the poilice should put presure on misty
    misty is not very muture i agree and i think she knows what happen , why the police sweeping it all under rug . maybe geraldo right dad police informent , and can get away even with murder .
    i think the police is as dum as misty !!!!! something is not right
    here !

  34. did any one think maybe the real mum got some one to go in an steal the child and hide her out with one of these groups that hide children from a parent that has the child legally . the parent who does not have the child will get the group to kidnap the child because they feel the child is being abused , they may have tooken just the girl cause they felt ron was not as abuse to the boy or not had time to take him . i think misty went to visit in the trailer park . and is scared of ron . i think the mum had a group kidnap her and thier hiding the little girl out in which it may take years to find her . i do think ron is a bad abuse dad , also he preys on young girls like misty . and i bet hes a buse to her as well
    but i wonder why the grandmothers did go to court and take the children away from both parents they both seem unfit

  35. Have you ever wondered why some cases go public more often than others? Is it because this little girls parents are poor? Is it because we know who her daddy is? Or that this little girls mother keeps her clothes on? Both parents to me seem unfit as parents maybe not as people. I would be afraid of the dad who only dates girls that are 17 soon the girlfriends and the kids are gonna be the same age. The real mother seems like she is timmed and beat down. Unable to care for herself much less herself plus kids..

  36. It’s hit and miss with some cases and the media they get. One reason the Haleigh Cummings case petered out in the media and is no longer getting the same kind of coverage is the fact that the local police department are keeping very close-mouthed on their investigation, unlike the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, which was the primary law enforcement group that investigated the Caylee Anthony disappearance.
    There is an extreme dearth in coverage in some cases, particularly lower income and minorities.

  37. after hearing about another little girl missing i was sooo sad i cant believe what this world is coming to i hope and pray this little beautiful if found and brought back home to her family that loves her …… carolyn

  38. I think both Ron and Misty should be held responsible for not ensuring the safety of this little girl. I double check every lock on all of my doors at night and on the windows also because I an home alone with my kids at night and want us all to be safe. I think it is highly unlikely Haleigh could have been kidnapped out of the same room Misty was in without Misty being aware that something was happening. Why on earth would Haleigh’s father allow a 17 year old CHILD care for his children after only knowing her a few months? In this day and age you don’t let just anybody care for your children. I feel for his loss but he should have known better than trust this girl and then marry her. I hope everyone involved comes forward with information that will bring Haleigh home safely.

  39. I think Misty has something to do with this little girls disappearance….She was left responsible for thet safety of this child…..SHE should be held accountable for what ever has happened to her…

  40. Why cant a 17 year old be a babysitter? I have a daughter that is 15 and babysits every summer all summer long for my sisters boy who is 6. She does a damn good job. I think they need to look more into the daddy and his ho. Someone is not telling the whole truth. When they find the body someone will cave.

  41. Lori, you are correct, YES she is old enough to be a babysitter. They need to make some moves on her. Something happen to the little girl. I keep saying this and nobody has comment on this, WHAT WAS IN THE DUMPSTER THE DOGS STIFF OUT!

  42. has anyone ever conciderd that halieghs father delt with drugs and has been acused of knocking haliegh across the face,that maybe he hit her one time to many.that just maybe he went to work as a cover for his alleyby,maybe she had been missing before they called 911.also his mother was the one who said she saw haliegh that day,which she would lie for her son.and then they get married so they can’t testifiey against each other.they only new each other a few months and his {child is missing},what does he do he gets married for his daughter he says.thats bullshit.

  43. If there werre drugs all around the house maybe Haleigh got into the drugs on accident and something happened..?.. Another thing to consider…. Haleigh has Turner’s Syndrome which caused some differences between her and other 5 year olds. Could Misty handle the health problems little Haleigh had?? I mean.. they did only know eachother for a while.

  44. i havnt heard much about this child in weeks.what is going on do they know something and they are settng up a arrest or seems noone is lloking for another mother has killed her 18 month old baby girl.whats wrong with these mothers?

  45. Why did Nancy Grace quit following this story? Shouldn’t someone keep this story in the news so people will continue to look for Haleigh?

  46. At one point Haleighs mother stated that Jr is asking for his sister and then stated that he saw the man who took his big sister…question is: If Misty was there that night and never left then wouldnt she had heard Jr scream or say something while his sister was being taken?…I pretty sure that if one of my children saw someone take their sibling then I would heard my child scream…IF I WAS HOME…Misty probably was partying it up and somebody knew that this was the perfect opp.

  47. this case is simple
    misty knows something and where she is and who done it
    she is scared because she is gonna be behind bars
    and shes terrified life will be over no more partying and all night sex.


  49. law enforcement met yesterday(first coast news). iv’e been staying up on the stories.something’s stirring in putnam co.

  50. I pray for Haleigh Cummings, that if it’s God’s will, she will be found safe and happy. And if she’s not safe, I pray that justice will be served on all who have harmed her. I also pray that all parents will see this case and make a resolution to begin to love and protect all of their children.

  51. Right on, Just who would get married in the middle of a missing child (HIS CHILD) case. You would have to be the worst father yet.Lynn is absolutely right,unless in that state, you can’t testify agains’t a spouse….. huh maybe.

  52. God Bless this family, I have three kids and couldnt imagine what they are going thru. Insteads of all the finger pointing at the beginning they should have focused more on the case at hand. I pray that she is like elizabeth smart ands still alive. I will pray for her every chance i get and hang in there.

  53. If there is someone out there that has money, I would hope that they would be able to give more than this 20,000 for this beautiful little girl. I only wish I could. I know if I had alot of money I would give anything to be able to help her. The person that is responsible for taking Haliegh your day will come. What ever is going on in your life, for you think that you have the right to atake this child your wrong. You may think your incontrol of this situation but your not. Wait until you have to face God and look in his face and tell him what you have done with Haliegh. That is what you have to look forward to. I pray that you will bring Haliegh back to her parents safe and that you realize this was a wrong thing that you have done. I know God will forgive you, but you have to do ther right thing now and get her home where she is supposed to be. Please, Do the right thing and take this child home. I am begging you to make the right choice. I know you can do this. If your reading this. Please I am Begging you, Beth Powers

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