Clarence Meyers Wanted Sympathy


At first it seemed like a blameless tragedy. Two young teenage girls perish in a fire and their mother’s boyfriend valiantly tries to get back in to save them. Both girls died from smoke inhalation. A sad story, but once the fire marshal finished his investigation, determining that the only way the fire could have started was through arson, the story took a sickening turn.
Allegedly Clarence Meyers has now admitted to having started the fire that killed the two girls and injured his girlfriend. According to the arrest documents Meyer sprayed lighter fluid on the breaker box in the basement and on a bed next to the furnace and then lit a piece of paper which fell on a sofa, igniting the blaze.

Clarence Meyers and his girlfriend Melissa Lindeman managed to get out of a first-floor window and then Clarence tried to get back into the house to get the girls out but the fire had spread too quickly and was just too hot.

Apparently Meyers was looking for sympathy from the local community. When tragedy strikes most of us are ready to jump in and help our neighbors out, down to the shirts on our back. Meyers was out of work and his unemployment was running out. Both he and Lindeman had lost their jobs at an auto parts factory. Lindeman got a job at a fast food restaurant but Meyers was either ‘too good’ for that sort of work or he was just worthless enough to not be able to find one. Here’s a hint to all those people on unemployment. Nobody is ‘too good’ to flip burgers or dig ditches, particularly when then are children too support.
Clarence Meyers was arrested this past Friday and is being held in the Washington County Detention Center without bond. He has been charged with murder, child abuse and arson. The State Attorney may end up seeking the death penalty on this one. Too bad burning alive at the stake is considered cruel and unusual.
Clarence Meyers, if you are looking for sympathy from me you’ll find it in the dictionary right between shit and syphilis but you won’t find any here you slimeball.
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