Patrick Conners and Justin Smith are a Couple of 'tards


Justin Gray Smith and Patrick Preston Conners are like a lot of us. When they need to ship something and it positively absolutely has to be there overnight they choose FedEx. This time  they shipped the package to the wrong address, transposing the address. Happens to the best of us guys. Fortunately for the rest of us we don’t ship pot that way.
When the guys realized what a dumbass mistake they had made Justin Smith went to try and retrieve the package from the person who had incorrectly received the pound of marijuana.  The same owner who had already contacted the police who were waiting there to see if someone would try and pick it up.

Patrick Conners (MySpace) was arrested and charged with a RICO violation, leasing an apartment for sale of controlled substances, conspiracy to sell marijuana within 1,000 feet of a church and possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana. The delivery boy Justin Smith was charged with a violation of probation and conspiracy to sell marijuana. 

Patrick Conners and buddies

Conners confessed ro making a living as a drug dealer to pay for his college tuition and rent. He would buy packages of pot for $3500 and have some shipped to his house in Satellite Beach and others shipped to a friend in Virginia. Smith was hired to transport the drugs. When police arrested Patrick Conners they also confiscated bongs and scales and froze his bank account which had around $7k.
They are both currently being held in the Brevard County Jail.
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  1. I walked with one count of paraphanalia. one year probation with no community service or drug tests. I guess there is justice.

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