Kay Erickson Likes Duct Tape


There’s a saying here in the deep south that all you need to fix anything is some baling wire and a roll of duct tape. Been there and done that. Me and a couple of buddies broke down on the way to Connecticut one year and we fixed the throttle cable on his old VW bus with duct tape and coat hangers. 
Kay Erickson, a day care provider up in Lincoln, Nebraska took the use of duct tape just a bit too far though. I’m sure you can see right where this one is headed…

Kay provided day care for one particular little 5-year-old girl. Her mother had been trying to break her of the habit of sucking on her fingers so Erickson came up with the idea to make her eat beans, which she hated. The two don’t really correlate to me but who knows what screwed up logic was going through her head. 

Since the five-year-old hated beans she would spit them out. She also vomited them up all over her clothes. She must have really hated those beans. Rather than try something else the ever resourceful Erickson made her eat more beans and stuck duct tape over her mouth. WTF?
For some reason it took police until December 2nd to charge Erickson with attempted child abuse and then the state of Nebraska revoked her day care license on the 18th.  Seems to me that she was successful in the attempt and should have been charged as such since there’s no law against stupidity. She has pleaded no contest in the charges and was sentenced last week. So what punishment did the hand of justice give for mistreating a beautiful five-year-old? A $250 fine. Christ on a crutch.
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  1. Hey! That’s really stupidity rather than cruelty and ought to be punished with the same stupidity, Kay must have been made to eat something she sorely hated and stuck with duct tape on her mouth.

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