Madina Was Raised by Dogs


I don’t write a lot about children or crimes in other countries but I came across this story at Facebook earlier this morning and it struck a chord with me.
Three-year-old Madina is from Ufa, which is in central Russia. She has never known her father, who left shortly after she was born and her mother, although she was there and allegedly her caretaker basically has ignored her the entire time.
When social workers in the Russian City found her, Madina was walking on all fours in her mother’s house, naked and gnawing on bones, playing with the dogs that she hung out with for warmth. According to the Daily Mail story she only knows two words, yes and no, and growls like a dog when people come too close.
Her mother Anna is an alcoholic and while she would hang out drinking with her friends her daughter was forced to eat, sleep and play on the floor with the dogs. Anna claimed that she did take care of the girl when police arrived to take her into custody.
It just goes to show you that we as Americans don’t hold the franchise for stupidity and mistreatment of our children.
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2 throughts on "Madina Was Raised by Dogs"

  1. You’re talking about this story just to show people US American aren’t the only ones doing the same thing? That’s kind of stupid to me..

  2. Nope, just making a comment. Had I wanted to do that it would have been the premise of the article, not one sentence. Perhaps you missed the rest of it.
    I wrote about the story because I write about crime.

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