Penny Reeves Likes Sesame Street


Nope, this isn’t Keith Richard’s little sister. It’s 39-year-old Penny Reeves from Bowdon, Georgia, just a hop, skip and a jump down the road from my house. So how does Penny warrant being featured here on this lovely 19 degree morning in Carroll County? This loser of a mother decided that it was a great idea to hide her drugs inside her three-year-old daughter’s Sesame Street Ernie doll along with a couple of pipes and a scale.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Department along with Carrollton Police have had a couple of investigations going on for the last two months involving Penny Reeves as well as 40-year-old Selena Williamson Doty from Temple (which is where I live). The investigation culminated in a chance arrest when they pulled over Penny in her Nissan Altima because the windows had tint that was too dark. They found a couple of grams of meth on her person. After she was stopped Reeves consented to a search of her house at which they found another 32 grams of meth, 29 of which was packed into her daughter’s doll which was mixed in with her playthings.

The rest of the meth was scattered around the house along with almost $900 cash. Altogether officers located about $8,000 in drugs. Reeves admitted to selling a couple of ounces every other day to locals. Her daughter has been turned over to family members.
A couple of days prior to Reeves’ arrest Selena Doty was pulled over on Highway 61 for a minor traffic violation as well. She was carrying 70 grams of meth at the time. Both women have been charged with trafficking  in methamphetamine and are being house in the Carroll County Jail. Hopefully some kind of child endangerment charges will be added as well. How fucking hard would it have been for her kid to have dug the meth out of the doll and eaten some of it? The only thing keeping Ernie closed was a piece of velcro.
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