Updated – Chester the Molester Caught

Updated March 3rd 2009 – After a one week trial the jury deliberated for several hours and have convicted him of all 22 counts in connection with molesting two young girls.

Updated February 24th 2009 – The trial of Chester Arthur Stiles has finally gotten under way. I originally posted this entry about Stiles back in 2007, long before I started crime blogging full time but even then I knew I was pretty interested in it.

From what I understand the prosecution may be showing the video of the sexual assault in court. Crap, that would be tough for the jurors as well as anyone else there. Just got home from work a little while ago but I will try and update this a bit more on Friday when I actually have a day off of work.


I’m sure if you read or watch the news you know by know that Chester the Molester Stiles was arrested in what they are saying was a routine traffic stop on Monday night.


Apparently he had been pulled over for no license plate and then gave police a drivers license with a picture that didn’t look like him. When the officers repeatedly questioned him he finally said “Hey, I’m Chester Stiles. I’m the guy you’re looking for. I’m sick of running”.

I’ve got to hand it to the police officers on the scene. I guess that’s why I’m not a cop because at that point I would have had to just pull the sick fucker out of the car and put a bullet in his head.

It sounds like they are getting out and interviewing just about every person that might have ever come in contact with Stiles now, as I read at least two different statements from ex-girlfriends over at CNN.

According to Yahoo, Stiles is facing 21 felony charges including sexual assault of a minor and use of a minor in producing pornography. The U.S. Attorney also unsealed a grand jury indictment of a federal charge of producing child pornography which could carry a sentence of 15 to 30 years in jail. 15 years? Seems kind of light to me.

Dan Simons from Los Angeles reports on Chester and interviews an ex-girl-friend…

ViceZilla weighs in on Mr. Stiles over at ViceZilla’s Views:

Good riddance to you Mr. Stiles. They are going to have fun with you where you’re going.

Child Molesters aren’t looked upon too kindly in prison. Either he will be in solitary for a good long while or someone is going to end up putting a shank in his slimy ass.

The Politically Correct Apostate tells it like it is calling Stiles a Horrible Piece of Human Feces. You know it dude.

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