Kevin Wilson is a Douchebag

Updated 11/11/22

Kevin Dale Wilson

 49-year-old (now 63) Kevin Wilson from Marquette, Michigan used to be the Computer Science teacher at Bothwell Middle School, also in Marquette. I say used to because the bastard is now behind bars where he belongs.

Wilson was arrested back in October of this past year on two counts of criminal sexual conduct. He has also admitted to having sex with five different female students between 1988 and 1996. He worked for the middle school for 20 years so it’s likely he was molesting students there the entire time he taught.

Kevin Wilson pleaded guilty to sexual assault with intent to commit penetration and will have his sentencing on March 28th. He’ll get somewhere between three to ten years in prison, much too little if you ask me.

Updated – Kevin Wilson received 3-10 years for Intent to Commit Sexual Penetration. He’ll be on the state sex offender registry for 25 years. The conviction was for an incident in 1996.

According to one commenter below (and verified) Kevin Wilson is a shipping manager at Lake City Manufacturing in Lake City Michigan, where he has been employed since 2012 (Linkedin) and lives in Cadillac, Michigan. He is currently in the Michigan Sex Offender Registry.

Kevin’s brother fancies himself a writer and keeps (or kept) a blog where he was posting letters from his brother while in jail. I didn’t take too much time to look around as I was disgusted but it’s here if you want to take a gander.

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