Richard Areingdale Hung Himself

areingdaleRichards.jpg42-year-old Acworth, Georgia man Richard Areingdale had been in the employ of the Georgia House of Representatives since 1999 and was involved in the operation of the House website.

The Magistrate Court of Cobb County issued a warrant for Richard’s arrest on Tuesday on charges of rape, statutory rape, incest, two counts of child molestation aggravated sodomy and three counts of child molestation from offenses which occurred over a period of eight years. The Cobb County Sheriff’s department tried to serve the warrant and arrest him twice last night but both times that they went to the house he was not there. They had already executed a search warrant at the house earlier Tuesday so he knew that they would be eventually coming for him.

Around 8:30 this morning a custodian in the Coverdell Legislative Building next to the Capitol in Atlanta found Areingdale dead of apparent suicide in the 5th floor press office.

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5 throughts on "Richard Areingdale Hung Himself"

  1. My prayers and thoughts are with the Areingdale family during this difficult time. We are with them always…There are no winners here-everyone lost.

  2. I am very close to the son of Richard and love him very much . If you would like to know anything go ahead and contact me .

  3. debemos orar por richard y su familia en estos momentos dificiles, dios los cuide y los ayude a salir adelante

  4. Approximate translation for those of us whose spanish sucks:
    “we must pray for Richard and his family at this difficult time, God cares and help them succeed”

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