I like it When My Mouse is Rigid…

So I am currently sitting on my front porch typing this on my (fairly) new laptop. My PC finally bit the dust a couple of weeks ago and the wife had been hinting around that I need to get a laptop anyway so I took the plunge and rather than building or buying a new desktop I purchased I went to Radio Shack and picked up a Gateway they had on sale. It flies compared to my old computer. I’ve been putting off getting a laptop for quite a few years now, mainly because of the cost but also because I don’t like change. I’ve been using PCs since I got my first one (borrowed from my brother while I was in college) back in ’91 or ’92. Now that I think about it that was a Radio Shack or Tandy branded model as well. One or Two megs of RAM and about a 40 meg hard drive. My how times have changed.
I’ve used laptops before, mainly setting them up for the AVPs when I still did technical support in-house at the same company I manage for now and one of the things I never liked about them was the little touchpad thing and I fucking HATE the little pencil eraser things on Thinkpads and older Toshibas. My opinion on them hasn’t changed much but I am trying to get used to using the one on this. I went out and bought a little wireless mouse though and that’s what I am using now. My mouse pad is thin and rigid so I can take it outside as well.
Now that I’ve used this thing for a couple of weeks weks I don’t know how the hell I made it so long without getting one. Talk about convenient. I’m sure I’ll still build another desktop or two as I need to ge my media server back up and running, but they are going to be just that, SERVERS, not my main system.
It will be cool to be able to take this thing with me when I’m out of town as well. I’ve always felt a bit disconnected from my friends while out of town, so this will be cool to have, not to mention being able to blog daily, not that I’ve been doing much of that here lately anyway. Speaking of which, I need to get online at Shadowscope and do write some updates over there. I’ve pretty much taken the last couple of days off from blogging and need to get back to it. Just wanted to stop in over here and let you folks know I’m still alive.
Oh, by the way, we finally have a date for our annual get-together/barbecue each year. Saturday, May 30th. We generally do this right after our anniversary each year and 2009 will be no different. Still no hotels here in my town but we do have a couple of extra beds around and you are always welcome to camp in the back yard should you so wish. Usually we’ll have several bloggers as well as friends of ours locally. A ton of food, beer and other refreshments. Kids are welcome too, there is usually a gaggle of them running around here.

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  1. I have a Gateway laptop that runs VISTA that I use once in a great while…usually just when I am on the road away from home. I prefer the key board that I have with my PC….my fingers just seem to do better on it…the laptop keyboard is kinda small and I make a lot of typos…hitting two keys at once I reckon

  2. The keyboard is a bit small but I’m starting to get used to it. Just have to use spellcheck. The biggest thing I have noticed is that I am basically having to relearn my typing habits. I’ve always literally POUNDED on the keyboard while I was typing and I have knocked a couple of these keys loose since getting it. Having to slow down and type a bit lighter at the same time.

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