Timothy Gounaris is a Repeat Offender


…and judging from that nasty hairdo he’s in bad need of a haircut as well. I’m sure the next prison he’s sent to will oblige.

Back in 2007 Timothy Gounaris was still teaching at Pine Grove Middle School in Baltimore. He was arrested on charges of second and third degree rape as well as perverted practice charges after a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student from his school was discovered. In April of the same year he pleaded to the third degree charge and they dropped the other ones. He ended up getting sentenced to 10 years with everything but a year and a half suspended.

Timothy was released from prison some time this past fall, most likely in October. 18 months in prison and this douchebag is rehabilitated, right? Judging from the fact that I am writing about him you are correct if you said no. Gounaris was arrested this month on charges of trading child porn through the Internet. Federal charges which, if convicted, carry a ten-year mandatory minimum sentence. He is currently in the custody of the FBI waiting for a hearing.

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  1. Seriously, get a life. People are so pathetic that they have to write about everyone else’s life. Stop making ordinary people have their lives blasted all over the news. This is none of your business, nor is it anyone elses.

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