Kenneth G. Lopez Needs His Rest…

kennethlopez.jpgKenneth Lopez and Danielle McLeary just recently moved to Florida from someplace in Illinois. They’ve only been there two weeks but judging by the fact that they have been living in an extended stay motel and Kenneth was unemployed they really didn’t have a very good plan of action. I don’t know if Danielle was working or not but Kenneth is listed as being out of work on his booking record.

Regardless of whether he had a job Kenneth G Lopez felt like Danielle’s two-year-old daughter should be sleeping Saturday night but instead she just kept crying. Rather than hugging her to his chest or rocking her to sleep Kenneth wrapped the little girl up in a towel and then covered her face and body with a sheet and proceeded to beat her into unconsciousness.

Around 5AM Danielle called 911 to report that her daughter Gabrielle
Randel was unconscious and not breathing. She was taken to St. Joseph’s
Hospital where she was declared dead at around 1pm Sunday afternoon.
Danielle’s three-year-old son was also living with them in the hotel,
he has been removed and is in the custody of the Department of Children
and Families.

After being questioned by police Lopez admitted to beating the girl. He
was immediately charged with Aggravated Child Abuse and housed in the
Hillsborough County Jail with no bond. His charges will most likely be
upgraded, according to the arrest record that’s still pending.

Guess you won’t be bothered by any more crying babies where you’re at,
will you now Kenneth? Hopefully you’ll be the only one crying.

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3 throughts on "Kenneth G. Lopez Needs His Rest…"

  1. I know the father of the kids and these 2 scumbags took them supposedly from him to go to McDonalds to say goodbye as they were going to leave the kids with the father and leave Texas. They never brought the children back and he had been looking for them everywhere he could think of. The children Gabi and her brother were very much loved by the father and his family and had been with him ever since the so called mother had left them telling him that she didn’t want them. He did. When he learned that Gabi was in the hospital he rushed there and he now has his percious son with him where both children should have been. They the he and she monsters have both now been charged him with first degree muder and her with aggravated manslaughter of a child and aggravated child neglect. She is out on bond. May they both be convicted and may they both rot in hell.

  2. I know you guys dont know me, but please just let the father know that he and his baby boy & Gabrielle are in my prayers that they are able to somehow cope and move on (I know never forget) from this sensless tragedy.

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