Vanessa Billingsly Might Have Been Drunk…

…at least according to the boyfriend she beat up.


Last night Vanessa Billingsly was arrested after a neighbor of her boyfriend in Lutz, Florida noticed her (all 5’2 and 100 pounds) beating the crap out of her boyfriend. That dude must have some serious patience to deal with bullshit. Good for him! Anyway, 21-year-old Vanessa Chantal Billingsly was throwing punches at her boyfriend with one hand while holding her three-year-old child with the other. At one point she even dropped the toddler on  it’s head. Not cool. If you want to be a drunken fighting bitch, that’s fine by me but leave the kids with a babysitter first lady.

The unemployed Ms. Billinglsy, who lives with what seems to be a friend of her’s while her husband is deployed, was arrested Tuesday night on charges of neglect and domestic battery. She apparently bit her boyfriend on the chest as well. Originally listed as being held without bond, according to the booking record at the Land O’Lakes jail her bond is now set at $5,250. I couldn’t find a MySpace for her, so if you happen to come across it give me a shout.

I wouldn’t have thought twice when I was younger about doing her drunk or not but I had a girlfriend that was crazy like that once. The snakes in their heads just aren’t worth anything else the might have to offer.

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  1. This is really a ‘different’ blog! I like reading your stories. Gives me a good start into the day. Incredible how some people act. Incredible what kind of things happen every day!

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