Has Natalee Holloway Been Found?

Thumbnail image for natalee3.jpgI’ve been running across vague rumors on the net at several different news sites concerning the remains of Natalee Holloway and the possibility that they have been found. I haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to any of the news coming out of Aruba since posting the transcript of the witness that came forward last fall.

This may or may not be anything at all but right now I am thinking it may be that they have really found something. Whether that turns out to be Natalee or not remains to be seen. The rumors and news have been met with very little fanfare so far, but if it turns out to be her remains I will expect the arrest of Joran van Der Sloot to follow pretty soon afterward and then it’ll be back to front page news, even if for just a short time.

Apparently a flight attendant for American Airlines has told a couple of news sources that a cadaver dog was aboard a Miami to Aruba flight she was on and the officer that accompanied the dog told her he was going to search for the remains of Natalee and that they think they have found the location of the remains.

If anything comes out of this I’ll be sure to post it here, although with my work hours it’s bound to be on the news sites long before I hear about it 🙂

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The Aruban Prosecutor’s Office released a statement earlier. Thanks to BreakingNewsOn for bringing it to my attention:

Oranjestad, ARUBA (BNO NEWS) — Spokeswoman Ann Angela with the Prosecutor’s Office on Aruba has released the following statement regarding a new search for the body of missing teenager Natalee Holloway who disappeared in May 2005 after leaving a bar in Oranjestad. The statement which follows is a translation from Dutch and the original text can be found below. The headline of the statement says no remains of Holloway have been found.

An officer with his search dog arrived in Aruba Today. He received a request from Dave Holloway to search for the remains of his missing daughter Natalee. The officer will search a reservoir on the island which a witness earlier mentioned. The Prosecutor’s Office has no reason to believe, as earlier stated, that the body of Natalee Holloway is in this reservoir. Because Dave Holloway, according to the officer, can find no peace until he convinced himself of that, the Prosecutor’s Office has decided to allow the search. The officer has agreed to several rules with the Prosecutor’s Office and the police about his search. The police will monitor this.”

Orginal statement in Dutch:

“Vandaag is in Aruba een speurhondengeleider met zijn hond gearriveerd.
Hij heeft het verzoek gekregen van Dave Holloway om te zoeken naar het stoffelijk overschot van diens verdwenen dochter Natalee.
De speurder gaat zoeken in een ondergelopen dam op het eiland waarover eerder door een getuige werd verklaard. Het Openbaar Ministerie heeft geen aanleiding om aan te nemen, zoals ook al eerder meermalen is meegedeeld, dat het lichaam van Natalee Holloway zich in die dam bevindt. Omdat Dave Holloway, naar zeggen van de speurder, geen rust heeft voordat hij zich daarvan zelf heeft kunnen overtuigen, heeft het OM gemeend de speurder zijn gang te laten gaan. De man heeft met het Openbaar Ministerie en de politie afspraken gemaakt over zijn zoekactie. De politie zal daar toezicht op houden.

3 throughts on "Has Natalee Holloway Been Found?"

  1. Sounds like it’s not a lead as much as it is the father’s commitment to making sure that every possible area is searched. It’s got to be terrible for her parents to continue on like this, not knowing what happened to their daughter….

  2. That’s pretty much the impression I got. They just want to be very thorough, even more so since the ‘witness’ that came forward back in the fall passed a polygraph. He says that he saw Joran coming out of the area in the middle of the night, the same one that Natalee disappeared.

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