Veronica Ortiz is a Bad Mommy

VeronicaOrtiz.jpgLast night police found a pair of toddlers wandering around an apartment complex barefooted around 10pm after someone called in to report they were out. Police found the two and three year old boys and attempted to find out where they lived but unfortunately the two little boys had no idea.

After going door to door officers eventually found an apartment with the front door open and no adult around. What they did find was another child, a baby, sleeping beside a pit-bull puppy. Of course the house was just in the shape you would think. The windows were all broken and held together with duct tape. Food, garbage and feces were all over the floor. It was generally filthy. Oh yeah, did I mention there were no adults around? Yeah, I guess I did.

Once police managed to get someone from the leasing office they were able to get in touch with the mother, 21-year-old Veronica Ortiz around 1AM, working in a bar. She told police that she had been unable to find child care so she left the baby, two-year-old and three-year-old home alone to fend for themselves while she went to work. I guess the bar she works at is brain-optional. Care to guess if it’s a strip joint or not?

Needless to say, Veronica was booked into the Dallas County Jail this morning on three charges of child endangerment. Her bond is $22,500 and her children have been taken into the custody of Child Protection Services.

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2 throughts on "Veronica Ortiz is a Bad Mommy"

  1. OMG! At the risk of sounding like I support a “police state” I feel that people like that should be never allowed to have children! but then again, I think that child care should be more affordable!

  2. this is so sick and wrong!! ow can 3 babies fen for themselves?? thanks GOD these babies was removed from the home. this mother needs some counseling an also parenting classes etc..before they even think about giving these poor children back.. an i hope they never do!!

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