Updated – State to Seek Death Penalty in Casey Anthony Case

caseyanthony.jpgI’ve just been informed that the Florida State Attorney’s Office has reversed their earlier decision to not seek the death penalty in the Casey Anthony murder case and WILL be seeking the death penalty against her.

I guess they’ve decided that they have enough evidence to not only get her convicted but put her to death as well.

As I get more information I’ll post it here. Updated: The Associated Press has this video report up confirming the change in heart for prosecutors.

Other non-news related to Casey is the fact that her parents will appear in an exclusive interview with Oprah in May. Madeleine McCann’s parents are also scheduled to be interviewed by Oprah some time in May as well.

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1 throught on "Updated – State to Seek Death Penalty in Casey Anthony Case"

  1. i hope she fries, she has lied since the very day this came to light. her parents are just as bad, we can see where she gets it from, cindy if you see this you raised a monster, you have let her get by with things too long and look what it costed you and now you are still defending her, for once in casey’s life make her pay for her actions. defend caylee for once in her life. she deserves a better family then what she had. now she has one.
    i feel sorry for george or did until he started drinking the casey koolaid.
    FRY, CASEY, FRY, YOU DESERVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!

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