Updated – Branden Allen Did It On The Bus


Updated – When I posted this back in February I mentioned that Branden’s sentencing was today (May 1st).

Branden could have received as much as 20 years in prison for Lewd or Lascivious Battery and False Imprisonment but his attorney asked the judge for probation. Circuit Judge Thane Covert went in the middle, although on the low end. Telling Branden that “you did an evil willful and deliberate act” that reflected “the fears of every parent” he sentenced Allen to two years in prison, two years house arrest and two years on sex offender probation for the crime.

Original Entry posted Feb 25th 2009:

Last May 19-year-old Branden Terrel Allen and two of his thug buddies got on a late bus that runs for kids that participate in clubs and sports after school. A 15-year-old girl also got on the bus around the same time. Except for these four the bus was empty.

Apparently Branden, like so many teens nowadays, didn’t understand the meaning of manners or the word NO because while the two younger boys with him kept watch Branden forced the girl to stay on the bus and sexually assaulted her. According to the reports I saw he ‘digitally penetrated’ her. I think were I the girls parents I would have to remove said digits and shove them up his gangsta ass followed by my foot.
Anyway, that having been said, at least Branden had the decency to not take a plea deal. He pleaded guilty of lewd or lascivious battery and false imprisonment in court yesterday.
Branden Allen’s sentencing hearing is on May 1st and due to his age his attorney is going to try and have him classified as a youthful offender. Hopefully the judge will laugh him out of court. If the guys is 18 and jamming his fingers up inside an unwilling female what the fuck is he going to be doing five years from now?

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