Stacey Barker Smothered Emma Leigh Barker


Not sure how I missed this one but once I started doing some reading I got a serious sense of deja vu. I don’t know what it is about child killing mothers showing up in the news lately but it really hurts my heart to have to hear about them. From the LA Times blog:

Sheriff officials say missing toddler Emma Leigh Barker, 18 months, was found dead.  Her mother, a resident of the high desert, reported her missing Wednesday.stacyandemma

The girl’s mother, Stacy Barker, said that she was knocked unconscious after hitting her head on the steering wheel of her car at Lancaster Park and awoke hours later at a Palmdale park-n-ride with her daughter missing. The mother told detectives that she was at Lancaster City Park on Wednesday sometime after 5 p.m. when she was placing her daughter in a car seat and hit her head.

She told detectives that she awoke about 10:30 p.m., slumped over in the seat of her car at a Palmdale park-and-ride, and discovered Emma was missing. The mother’s brother called authorities, and deputies were dispatched to the Avenue S Park-n-Ride.

Deputies found the mother semiconscious and partially undressed with visible contusions on her head, officials said.


stacybarker A pretty large manhunt commenced after she spoke with the police but the next day after law enforcement questioned her about inconsistencies in her story Stacey Marie Barker recanted it and told them another one. This time she explained that Emma had perished in an accident and that she panicked and got rid of the body. With her help, police found the body of Emma Leigh Barker lying near an offramp of the Golden State Freeway.

When Emma’s body was found there were no visible signs of trauma. The coroner hasn’t released the official results of the autopsy yet but the Sheriff’s department says that most likely Emma was suffocated. On April 23rd Stacey Marie Barker was arrested at the home of her grandmother for the murder of Emma Leigh Barker because law enforcement felt that she was starting to show signs that she might flee or disappear. She has been charged with Murder, Assault on a Child Causing Death and Child Abuse and is being held on a $1 million bond.

Stacey’s MySpace shows her mood as “Don’t know how to live without my baby…Mood: Miserable” and shows that her account was last logged into on March 30th. She also has posted:

When God call little children to dwell with him above, we mortals sometimes question the wisdom of his love. Perhaps god tires of calling the aged to his fold, so he picks a rosebud before it can grow old. God knows how much we need them and how he takes but few to make the land of heaven more beautiful to view. Believing this is difficult still somehow we must try, the saddest word mankind knows, will always be “goodbye.” So when a little child departs, we who are left behind must realize god loves children, Angels are hard to find.

Is this a case of a girl who had a terrible accident and her mother freaked out or is she another Casey Anthony? Police think the latter considering that she lied to them several times, changing her stories like pants.


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3 throughts on "Stacey Barker Smothered Emma Leigh Barker"

  1. How can any body hurt such a beautiful child. These beautiful little babies are given to these woman to love, but inturn they throw them away like trash, because they are so inconsiderate, they only think of themselves. If these ladies do not want these beautiful babies, why do they not use protection so these beautful babies will not be harmed after they are born to them? I am a mother of 4 and a grand-mother of 41/2 (one on the way), I could never see any one hurting them. They are so innocent, they look to the adult for protection not to be hurt by an adult. This young lady here must really have some emotional disfuntion to throw her baby in the grass off a highway after she kills her. Just like Casey she too was so in to herself, that Caylee was a burden to her. Caylee R.I.P was getting everyones attention and Casey was jeolous, she no longer was the apple in her fathers eye. So, she got rid of her.
    Emma, Caylee may you Rest in Pease, you are with the Angels Now..

  2. what alovely little girl she was, may she rest in peace and hopefully the police will get to the bottom of this sad story, its time the mother started telling the truth. sweet dreams xx

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