Updated – Todd Marcum Makes His Kids Wear Shock Collars


Salem, Oregon Police have arrested 41-year-old Todd Marcum on four counts of criminal mistreatment and he is currently in the Marion County Jail.

Was Todd trying to discipline them or teach them not to leave the yard as he might with a dangerous dog? Oh, no. Mr Marcum admitted to police that he had shocked each of them at least once because he thought it was funny. Apparently this asshole was also entertained by putting it on his three-year-old child and making his son cry at just the thought of being shocked. The four children who range in ages 3-9 were released to their mother and the case has been referred to DHS for review.

Todd’s Friendster profile does show him as married but also shows his interests as Dating Women, Relationship with women, friends, activity partners. I wonder if those activities include shocking the crap out of his partners? His LinkedIn profile is here.

Updated 9/29/09 – Todd Marcum was sentenced to three years of supervised probation. As part of the probation he is barred from having contact with children without approval of the State Department of Human Services and his PO. He is also barred from using corporal punishment and participating with any type of physical play involving children.

The children are in the custody of their mother.

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  1. In the interest of accuracy, the LinkedIn profile you have listed is for a different Todd Marcum. Thought you would want to know.

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