Brandon Vongthongthip Screwed The Pooch…

Update III
It looks like Multnomah County has done away with several hundred charges and just left Vongthongthip being charged with 6 counts of sexual assault on an animal and bail around $15k. Someone in Gresham must have grown a brain. Honestly I think that’s more along the lines of what it should be. Don’t get me wrong, I think that what he has done is completely wrong, but it’s nowhere on the scale of murder or child molestation. The several hundred charges he was originally faced with were pretty much ridiculous.

Update II
I mentioned down later in this post that Brandon had been a Marine but since he was living at home with his mommy I assumed that he was out. Oh no. He’s active duty. Lance Cpl Brandon Vongthonthip is part of the 6th Engineer Batalltion out of Gresham, at least for now. As one of the commenters noted he will most likely be given an administrative simply because they have bigger fish to fry. It’s too costly and time-consuming to court martial the guy.

My father and my son as well as several blogger friends are Marines and this just completely disgusts me. Just like we hold police officers to a higher standard, I feel the same way about the Marine Corps. Hell, Marines hold themselves to a higher standard as well.

Thanks to the industrious folks over at the Dreamin’ Demon I’ve found more profiles and links to this dude’s debauchery. In addition to the profiles and email address I posted below he also uses on additional accounts. I’m still not 100% sure if that is an accurate email address yet. I know the Yahoo one below is though. That leads to, among other things, the forums. I didn’t bother browsing. He’s also got a Deviantart acount, which is sort of creepy. I’ve been using Deviantart for my Windowblinds and DesktopX skins for about eight or nine years now.

Original Entry
Gresham, Oregon police arrested 20-year-old Brandon M. Vongthingthip on Friday for having sex hundreds of times with his pit bull over the last four or five years. I guess if you can’t get a date, you get your date where you can. Ewww. Brandong is being held in the Multnomah County Jail on 200 counts of Aggravated Animal Abuse, 200 counts of Sexual Assault on an Animal and 6 counts of Animal Abuse II. His bail is currently set at $70,500. All I can really say is dayum.

Police were alerted to the abuse of the animal by an anonymous phone call to the Oregon Humane Society, who in turn called the Gresham police since Brandon lives there with his mother and her fiance.

During their investigation police found all kinds of photos on the Internet of Vongthongthip and his girlfriend Rocky, an eight-year-old red nose American Pit Bull, having sex. I wonder if it was all doggy style? That also leads to another question. Where exactly does one post pictures of themselves having sex with dogs?

Read on if you dare…

Prior his arrest and during questioning Vongthongthip admitted to police that he had been having sex with his pit bull for several years and had also posted videos of it online. Detectives located the videos and watched them before arresting Brandon. According to the police Vongthongthip asked for advice on one forum on other ways to sexually abuse the dog. Makes you wonder if it still had teeth…

So this started out as just another post on just another run of the mill scumbag but then I started looking around to find out more information on Vongthongthip. One thing I found is that according to the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office AND every single one of the news stories I’ve read, his last name is Vongthongthrip, with an ‘R’ but on his MySpace page and every single reference to him prior to the crime there is no ‘R’. I also couldn’t find a single listing for a Vongthongthrip in Oregon either but there are quite a few with the way I have spelled it. I don’t know if this is an error on the part of the sheriff’s department that nobody in the media has caught onto yet or not. That’s pretty much the assumption I’m going on right now.

Speaking of Brandon’s MySpace, it used to be at but his last login was on March 21st of this year and the user profile has been deleted already, however you can get to the cached page here. There’s several interesting things I found about Brandon, not least of which he lists his employer as the United States Marine Corps. Since he lists Tactical Data Network Operator, 6th Engineer Battalion but is only 20 why isn’t he still in? Several of his MySpace friends are also Marines and according to an older Google link to his MySpace page it listed him as a Lance Corporal.

One other thing I found interesting is his profile name. Wildwulf. Brandon seems to be pretty infatuated with dogs. He uses Wildwulf several places on the net or his yahoo profile, which is also pooch related. There’s nothing really damning though, just creepy. The entire time I was researching Brandon I was extremely creeped out. He did post a comment on this creepy post at Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex on this dog-pig-human looking thing that really struck me as well. It’s not really pertinant to this specific arrest but I think it shows a bit where Brandon’s mind was even three years ago. Looks like he does a lot of gaming too, mainly TF2 and Call of Duty, at least that’s the impression I got from some of the forums he’s posted on as well as this photobucket account that may be his. The sexually oriented cartoons he has posted at Rule34 probably creeped me out the most out of all of them though.

I posted a question at the top of the entry about where people would post nasty stuff like that online and after having searched I’ve found one here. I didn’t sign up for an account because I just wasn’t interested in the least at looking at some douchebag buttfucking his dog, but be warned that’s exactly what is posted there. The small portion of each post (text only) and the comments will give you a general idea of the depravity on the site though. Here’s a small sampling of some of the discussion going on at one of the other sites:

Posted by: WILDWULF Apr 2 2008, 12:59 AM

My boy Rocky loves to suck and lick, and when it involves a little bit of peanut butter, it drives him crazy!!
“Click on the Nice.rar to downoad the pics in the archive” 
Posted by: MoonDog Apr 2 2008, 04:24 PM

Wow, very nice indeed! You sure know how to call ’em Thanks for taking the time out of your fun to snap a few pictures,
It’s also nice to know I wasn’t the only one getting some doggy action in Portland last night 

Posted by: FactorX1X Apr 2 2008, 04:27 PM

ok,people,check the last photo,on the left from the dog… do you saw those drops? lol,that’s a good shot 
btw,thanks for them 

Posted by: ilikedogcock Apr 2 2008, 08:41 PM

mmmm that was hot 
some videos or more cock shots would be very hot and appreciated 

Posted by: WILDWULF Apr 2 2008, 11:42 PM

QUOTE (MoonDog @ Apr 2 2008, 04:24 PM)

Wow, very nice indeed! You sure know how to call ’em Thanks for taking the time out of your fun to snap a few pictures,
It’s also nice to know I wasn’t the only one getting some doggy action in Portland last night
Really? Portland huh? Very nice Thanks for the comment! 

Posted by: WILDWULF Apr 2 2008, 11:43 PM

QUOTE (FactorX1X @ Apr 2 2008, 04:27 PM)

ok,people,check the last photo,on the left from the dog… do you saw those drops? lol,that’s a good shot 
btw,thanks for them
HAHA XD Thanks much XP

Excuse me while I go puke for a while.

25 throughts on "Brandon Vongthongthip Screwed The Pooch…"

  1. Didn’t click a single link you provided…I’ll take your word for it. =)
    ‘It’s also nice to know I wasn’t the only one getting some doggy action in Portland last night’
    Breakfast is on it’s way back up…..

  2. I think what really surprised me was the amount of people that just post their discussions and photos on bestiality on forums. Not like they can’t be traced.
    Then again, considering that people are posting child porn I shouldn’t be surprised.

  3. You all can go to hell and die, you fucking bastards, animal cruelty my ass, if the dog likes it, how its cruelty? fucking brainless asshole criticising motherfuckers, go jump in front of the next truck, do it, you fuckers dont deserve to live, go hang yourselfs you no-life internet faggots

  4. This is very sick for a man to have sex with an animal what the hell is this world comeing to? That is very fucking sick and wrong and yes it is animal cruelty to an animal,and why would any animal like that i dont think they would he needs to be punished for it,im gonna get sick after reading this now.Hope the cops punish this sick bastard.

  5. Why go after this guy when there is like over 2 million more out there, just a waste of time and resources, what makes this guy so special? Just cause he posted a couple vids and pics? They all do that, so i dont see whats so special about this guy than any other zoophile, heck, even i post pics and vids of me fucking a dog, so there.

  6. If you mean why did law enforcement go after him, it’s because he was basically handed to them on a silver platter and once he admitted to it and told them where to find the videos. Personally I am somewhat miffed that his bail is so high, considering that murderers and child molesters get out on less bail quite often. I understand why it’s so high and that’s strictly based on the number of charges that have been filed against him.
    If you are asking why I and other crime sites go after him, that’s because he, like you, are fucking nasty. Can’t you get a fucking date or something?

  7. We were looking up Gresham news today and came across this. This fucker is in my unit…and what is worse, he is in my fucking platoon. I always knew there was something totally fucked up about him, but I never would have guessed he was a dog fucker. Just goes to show you that you never know what people do behind closed doors…and then post online…

  8. So the dude is still in? Christ, I thought he was out and living at home.
    BTW, thanks for everything you guys do! My boy’s at 29palms right now and we’re as proud of you guys as we are of him.

  9. Yeah, he is still in as of yet. They will most likely administratively separate him as it isn’t worth the time or effort to give him any other discharge. I seriously could not believe this when I saw it. We were laughing out asses off that he was a dog fucker, but also were thoroughly disgusted that we had anything to do with this sick fuck. I hope they show him prison doggy style…this time he plays the role of the pooch. We’ve been calling him wildwulf over this drill weekend cause no matter how sick this is, it’s fuckin hilarious that he was that pathetic to fuck a dog. Go get em in prison wildwulf…lol

  10. It only took about 10 minutes on Google to gather all the evidence against this guy. It’s funny because at first he was saying that we had everything wrong, but when all the evidence was made public he was begging to get let off the hook. Then he scrambled around and tried to delete all his accounts and cover his ass. That’d be why his MySpace got deleted.
    Oh, and to clarify one point; Brandon didn’t ask how to abuse the dog in other ways, exactly. What he asked was how to continue abusing the dog when it had made clear (details unknown) that it wasn’t interested.

  11. Yeah, I was able to find more than I ever wanted to see in a pretty short time frame. What took so long was sifting through the bullshit.
    Thanks for clarifying that. I’ll be sure to update the post later on today when I get home.

  12. Oh i have a girlfriend, and tell you what, we do it more than you think, and even she wants to dog sometimes, so i dont see why you want me to go out and get a date, when i have a gf, who likes to do same things as me.

  13. come on you guys, the man fucked up. Just because he was the one caught doesn’t mean you assholes can harass him. I know its gross, hell its diguisting, but atleast he wasn’t fucking kids… really it could be worse.

  14. And here i tought you were disgusted by these stuff, and now you want to know that, to answer your question, it depends, depends how she feels.

  15. So I was totally shocked to hear the news as it spreads like wildfire, and the harsh public responds and quick judgment of others. It’s nothing of justice if nothing is learned. No whys. No reason. Just the shock that this stuff exists, and this person is put behind bars to store order in the disorderly world.
    When they first start, they go to a forum like a beastiality forum looking for a place to fit in, and for answers why they come out as “freaks”. Even some as kids that’s too young to enter such a site have to wait at the doormate til they’re 18 to find the answers. I listen to them as they talk about why they are attracted to animals and wanted to know is it normal. Most are relieve that they are not alone in the world and want to learn more about this “orientation”. Inevitably as anyones guess, after giving them answers the group later pull them in, telling them to “live it up”. Since this is the way to fit in, and are freaks in the outside world, they join in.
    Once in, they talk about how they would break the news about their orientation when they talk to their girlfriend, what foreign pet food is worth buying, how to deal with public exposure, or how they can become better lovers.
    This sadly as the community fills up ends up competing with one another. Who is a true zoo, or what qualifies you as a zoo. This goes down hill as people start “showing off”, and putting down others. Talk of “this is the correct way to take care of your mate”, and “if you’re not exclusive to animals then you’re not a zoo”. It even gets downright nasty, when they blackmail another to do their bidding or else they would “out” them (expose them).
    Zoos fight amongst themselfs from people who truly loves their animals, and ones that treats them as sex toys (the later are sadly winning). So the former try to make site that stands them from the mainstream porn sites, only to later turn into another fail as the later fills up.
    The worst thing that could happened to a zoo isn’t custody and public exposure(which is one of their fears), it would would happen to there partner when they get caught, which 90 percent of the time leads to extermination. As one zoo put it, “put in jail, and having your wife killed, while in custody”.
    Zoophiles wants people to understand that animals are capable of giving love and receiving, and only separated by species, as they are not like moving vegetation that are incapable of emotions. Whenever one tries, the media exposes a zoo with harsh judgement, and punishment, that they continuously withdraw. Some wanted to be freed from confinement of solitude and be in public, then other say that people will alway be people and would never except them.
    How this person got in jail? this guy. As one of wildwulf greeting “Zoophilia for the win!”, he toke the initiative to find and expose him. The reason is not sure, but as a “furry”, they are confused with zoos and are heavily against the lifestyle, vs the fantasy lifestyle of cartoon porn.
    It more of a battle to purify the so called “fandom” by removing the zoos from there what’s best described, religion since they fight amongst themself because one set is for porn(yiff), the other are theri(one believing they of animal spirit), fetish lover (inflation, babyfur, feet), fur suiters(people wearing animal costum of their “fursona” which is their character they pretend to be) and the normals that tries to mind their business.
    In the end due to results, more blind hatred, more less understanding, and ultimately more prejudice. I watch my friend, who is also a zoo, go into self-hatred because he’s a christian zoophile (a double negatives) and no matter what we say, he pushes away. The zoos rejects him because of his believes, because they assume that it’s the major reason the laws are fixed the way they are, plus he doesn’t believe that a so called “Loving God” would except him.
    I know much about this because I was once a kid looking for answers, and could never find them til I finally found like-minded people to talk too. Instead of choosing to live their lifestyle, I choosed to follow Gods path and use my affinity for animal for better use.
    Please, if anyone reads this understand. I don’t this to happen again.

  16. Brandon has made a really bad choice. However, he is a really goog man. He has never been in trouble in his life, until now.
    Brandon was going to enroll in art classes, prior to this situation.
    He is a hard worker, and he loved the Marines. Although he may
    have had a fedish, it does not make him a terrible person. He loves
    his family, and has always been a good person.
    We have also been notified that the dog involved was not injured. This was confirmed by Animal Serives that conducted the examination. The dog was very well taken care of, and was loved very much by the entire family. The family has had the dog since he was 6 weeks old. He is now 8.

  17. This is for “Marine”. Brandon was always under the impression that Marines never leave a Marine behind. Although, like I said before, Brandon has made a very very bad discision, and I can guarantee you that there has been many Marines that have made worst choices
    that are not being abandoned by their fellow Marines.
    By the way, Brandon is not weird. He is a normal 20 year old whom had dreams for his future. He loved his dog, and always took very good care of him. He was so protective of his dog. He would not let anyone feed him table scraps because it was not good for him.
    The dogs health was #1. He took him for a walk every day, and always kept up on his shots. He treated the dog like a human being. He had made the dog his own bed out of an old futon frame. His love for the dog was unconditional. He would never ever abuse his dog.
    I know this first hand!!!!!

  18. I do not believe all of the information the media has reported about this case. You know that saying, “Believe nothing you hear, and only half of what you see”.
    If everyone would stop for a minute, and think about if one of your loved ones did something terrible. Would you want society to rip them apart? This situation is humiliating enough for the young man.
    He has to live with this humiliation for the rest of his life. Don’t you think that is enough punishment?

  19. This is in response to “Please Read”. You seem like a very intelligent person. Thank you for the positive information.
    The information you have provided helps so much to understand
    this young mans mental state. Thank you!!!

  20. Sorry, I don’t buy it. The fact that you don’t beat your dog doesn’t give you a pass to sexually abuse the dog for 8 years. Physical trauma also isn’t necessary for abuse to occur. I saw the videos (it was hard to keep lunch down), he was clearly holding Rocky in place quite a few times.
    Though I am curious if you know what’s become of Rocky. It would certainly be a shame if they ended up putting him down.

  21. Bertha, you only saw one side of Brandon and Rocky. You will never understand their relationship, or Brandons mental state. Everyone who has ever been around the family knows how much Rocky was loved, and cared for. You could say Rocky was spoiled. He was an indoor dog, always had good food, always had a warm bed to sleep in, and always had the entire family loving him. Although Rocky is extremely animal aggressive, and in a sense has always been a liability the family would never give up on him.
    Pitbills has a very bad reputation. However, Rocky is a very special Pitbull. No one will ever understand how much the entire family loves, and misses Rocky. There is not a day that goes by that the family is not thinking about Rocky’s well being. It is a tragic situation for everyone.
    Most people will say “It’s only a dog, get over it”. It is not that easy when you have raised a puppy from 6 weeks old to adulthood. Rocky became a family member, whom was loved unconditionally.
    I have seen the sorrow in the family since they have had Rocky taken away. It is like they just found out a loved one has passed away. There is a piece of their heart and soul that has been ripped away. All they can do now is remember the wonderful 8 years they had spent with Rocky. He is the best dog in the world, and they will always love him.

  22. We’re all animals…. what’s wrong with sex? But since it’s illegal why the heck would you post images/videos online -.-

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