Allen Guerin Arrested For Having Sex With a Student

28-year-old Allen James Guerin is a math teacher and former cross-country coach at Haines City High School located in Haines City, Florida. He and his wife Krissy, also a teacher, have a five month old child and what seemed on the outside to be an idyllic family life.Late last summer Allen Guerin started to become acquainted with a 16-year-old student who attended HCHS. Over a period of eight months the two of them grew closer, communicating surreptitiously through phone calls and text messages (they exchanged over 600 messages during Christmas break). During Thanksgiving break Guerin evidently told the girl that he had strong feelings about her but was confused about the birth of his child.Shortly after spring break is when their relationship allegedly turned physical. The two of them met at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Haines City to talk on January 10th. After the girl (now 17) left Guerin supposedly called her to tell her she had forgotten something. When she returned he said “You left me” and they got into his car to make out. Later, after she had returned home, Guerin called her and offered to bring food. He went to her house and once they had eaten the two of them had sex in her room.

At some point in this Guerin posted a message or comment on his MySpace page that he was falling in love with the girl. I don’t have a link to his page, not even a cached version but his wife Krissy obviously didn’t have the same problem because she also has a MySpace account and saw what he had written.

January 12th rolled around and Guerin showed up at the victim’s house at 4:50 a.m. but their contact was limited to making out. Later that day the two of them were talking at school when he received a phone call from his wife. Shortly thereafter he left and rushed home. Guerin called the girl later that afternoon to let her know that his wife had discovered their relationship and he could no longer see her. I guess love really does know no bounds because his wife’s current MySpace status is “…happy to have such a great hubby and such a happy baby boy”. It’s pretty hard to be a guy and a new parent. I know, I’ve been there. Whether Allen James Guerin cheated on his wife isn’t really an issue for me. That’s something they will either work through for the sake of their kid and their love, or they won’t. The issue for me is the betrayal of the student-teacher relationship and the fact that he slept with a minor.

Guerin’s arrest affidavit doesn’t go into the particulars on who reported him to the Haines City PD but he has been charged with one count of unlawful sexual activity with certain minors. He had his first court appearance on May 8th and was released on a $75,000 surety bond on the 9th. He is on paid adminstrative leave from Polk County and is going to be recommended for termination.

Below is Allen James Guerin’s arrest affidavit. His intake booking info can be found here. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

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