Inbreeding at it's Finest…Gayle and Sheila Muhs

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Texas has this law that says property owners can shoot tresspasers and many homeowners take this very seriously. One of the principles of the constitution has to do with defending your property and I happen to agree with the law. Gayle and Sheila Muhs have taken this in an entirely new direction though. Just outside of their house they have a sign posted that says “Trespassers Will Be Shot. Survivers Will Be Reshot!! Smile I Will.” They have been accused of murdering a seven-year-old boy on public property that just happened to be adjacent to theirs’.

Basically the family of Donald Coffey Jr and some friends had decided to have a day of off-road fun and had spent some time in the woods near their Westlake, Texas home. On their way home last Friday night they stopped to use the restroom and got out of their vehicles. While they were stopped they heard the booming voice of Sheila Muhs cussing them out and telling them to get off her property. Then a shotgun blast, followed by more of the same.

The family jumped back in their vehicles and hurried home, which is when they noticed that Donald Coffey, his seven-year-old son and five-year-old daughter had all been shot. They were rushed to the hospital, where Donald Jr died on Sunday.

After the shooting incident Sheila Muhs called 911 and told the dispatcher “They’re running over our levee in big-wheel vehicles, and I shot them”. Oh, by the way, the levees are public property and the family never set foot on the Muhs’ property. So far the ugly mugs are being held on charges of agrgavted assault but those are expected to be upgraded to murder.

As a side note, I don’t expect either of them to become anyone’s bitch in prison.

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4 throughts on "Inbreeding at it's Finest…Gayle and Sheila Muhs"

  1. Texas does not have a law that you can shoot trespassers.
    Texas has the Castle law that states you can shoot people breaking into your home, car or business. You cannot shoot people walking or driving on your land. Any reasonable person would not fire at children so I feel any attempt at justification is mute.

  2. I’m not sure where in the post you thought I was trying to justify these backwoods inbred retards shooting at children and other innocents. Some of what I commented on concerning the Muhs was very much tongue in cheek. Obviously you didn’t read the post very thoroughly.
    I am quite familiar with what the Castle Doctrine in each state covers, but thanks for the lesson anyway. The Texas penal code pretty much makes an exception for ‘habitation’ as any place on their property or any other place where they have a right to be as to be included in this, as long as the person defending themselves is not the aggressor, was not committing any crime at the time, and had reason to believe that they were in danger. This would generally include any of their privately owned property or someplace they were legally visiting, not just inside their home, car or business.

  3. they are not backwoods inbred retards, what happen to innocence til proven guilty? how would you know if they was inbred or not are you inbred?

  4. You are certainly correct in that, even with your poor grammar and broken English. Once I get home from work I may go ahead and change the post. Calling people names doesn’t solve anything even if it does entertain me. I appreciate the input.
    As far as being innocent until proven guilty, that’s for a court of law and has nothing whatsoever to do with the media or myself. I can assume anything I want.

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