Trevor Ferres is a Rapist AND a Douchebag…


Update III 9/17/09 – It appears that Ferres was sentenced to something around 12 years. Right now his scheduled release date is 4/21/2021 and he is incarcerated at Two Rivers Correctional Institute. To all you folks still defending papa smurf, stick it up your ass. If you don’t like what you are reading nobody is making you stay.

Updated II – So apparently Trevor finally got his day in court. I would have had this updated earlier but there is no coverage of this at all, at least online. Trevor has been convicted of one count of rape and two counts of sexual abuse. He has been cooling his heels at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville, Oregon since Thursday. He has not had his sentencing yet and I’m not yet sure when he will but I’ll update this again once I find out.

Updated – I’ve found it pretty interesting some of the ideas being bandied around in the comments. Derek from Michigan thinks that the police officer is lying and all of them should be given a polygraph, including the officer, or as he put it, a ‘pollygraph’. Whatever. 

I have always been under the assumption that when a woman says NO it means just that. No. Simple, unequivocal. No. Even if the woman has been leading you on and then stops. But then again, I’ve never raped a woman. I guess it just shows the mindset of these people that think it’s OK given that they were partying, probably drunk or stoned and Trevor was supposedly in a blackout. In that case it must mean ‘well….maybe’.
After having corresponded with someone ‘in the loop’ I have come to the same conclusion that I had when I first came across this story. It was a case pure and simple of ‘date rape’ if you want to call it that. Rape is rape though, just like no is no. The victim in this case has been severely affected by the experience and is afraid of everyone right now. They have her on drugs just so she can stay calm and sleep. I know from a parents perspective that were it my daughter Trevor Ferres would consider himself lucky to be in jail but then what do I know, I’m a douchebag, right Derek? BTW, does your new wife agree with you that this situation was OK?
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Off-subject for a quick second. I’ve found that the Apache (webserver) security rules that my host is using seems to give an error on certain comments, particularly where the word rape is concerned. I’ve tried a workaround or two but there ya’ go. I can’t even comment from this page, I have to use the main interface. Feel free to email me with your comments if you get an error and I’ll try to get ’em posted.

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On Wednesday morning around  1am someone called to complain that there were several people outside of their apartment being too loud. I’ve heard it referred to as a party on one news report. When the Deputy showed up at the apartment complex he approached on foot and heard a female voice screaming ‘stop’ and ‘no’. He ran toward the sounds and saw this lovely gentleman to the left sexually assaulting a girl. When the officer called out to them the girl ran to him for safety.
Trevor Ferres, 19, has been arrested and charged with Rape, Attempted Rape, Kidnapping, Unlawful Sexual Penetration and Strangulation. He’s currently spending time in the Marion County Jail until he goes before a judge. The victim, who knew Ferres, was taken to a hospital where she was evaluated and then released.
I guess this would be Rapey Smurf?
From what I could find, Trevor graduated from Roberts High School in Salem, Oregon just this past June. It may or may not be Trevor but doing a search on MySpace turns up this profile that hasn’t been logged into since January of 2006. 
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23 throughts on "Trevor Ferres is a Rapist AND a Douchebag…"

  1. you might figure out how to get a life and realize an accusation is not a conviction by any stretch. as a matter of fact i think that makes you a douchbag.

  2. Well, let’s see. The girl was screaming ‘stop’ and ‘no’ and the officer saw him sexually assaulting her. Gee, that seems like a bit more than an ‘accusation’ to me. It is to most people anyway, except maybe for liberals but since this isn’t about politics I’ll just leave that one alone.

  3. o by the way, trevor was blacked out so he didnt even remember doin this. i know this because i am his friend. and i am also the victims friend. so i know both stories. so if anyone is goin to jugde trevor u guys should at these get the stories straight. and dont always believe the stupid news and paper. trevor was a really cool kid who enjoyed hangin out with his friends.

  4. So being in a blackout is an excuse for rape?
    I actually can understand stupid behavior while drunk, nobody is perfect but even so this is pretty serious. Is the girl still pressing charges?

  5. being a girl i know that sometimes we can play the game but when it comes down to reaping the consequences of that game-all of a sudden its too late to back out so now what? oh i see- we cry no and stop. all of a sudden the predator deems herself the prey-being a man-you should know that about life-oh yeah maybe you dont because you’re a douchbag…

  6. It’s funny how women are all about “no means no” and “stop means stop” otherwise it’s rape. Until that is, it’s someone they actually know involved.
    I can see it two ways. One, she never said ‘no’ and just led the dude on and the cop was mistaken about what he said and heard. If that’s the case and the girl doesn’t press charges, then hell, he’s not guilty is he? I’ll change the post, edit, delete it, whatever.
    On the other hand, if she said no, even if she led his ugly ass on and then said no at the finish line and he raped her anyway that makes him guilty as hell and no amount of bitching at me is going to change that fact.

  7. if you are his friend-you should talk to the victim and tell her to look into her heart and stop the madness. even though i’m a girl-i see this as complete male stereotype bs and why should he have to pay the price for something that was fully mutual initially? by the way-if she was so uncomfortable why was she there in that neighborhood at 1 am with several boys in a sketchy scene?

  8. There is only one way to resolve this shit both of them need to take a pollygraph test then it will be narrowed down to who is telling the truth and who is lieing.Then from there a jury trail will be able to short shit it out. That fucking pig cop needs to take a pollygraph test also because all cops can make up some kind of bullshit story.

  9. hey richard fuck off fag
    Couldn’t find anything intelligent to say Derek? Just like a liberal. Can’t win an argument so it’s time to call people names and let everyone know how unfair everything is. ‘waahhh. The cop must be lying, let’s give him a pollygraph’. That would be polygraph dude, but oh by the way if you need a dictionary there is a pretty good one at

  10. i don’t know who you think you are or how you are “in the loop”. you couldn’t be further from the loop really. after speaking to the witnesses who will testify on trevor’s behalf, this girl has been attracted to him for some time. they have been hooking up for several months and basically the neighbors called the cops for noise due to the excessive noise happening by the drinking of the partygoers. when the cop approached the scene-she was caught with her pants down and -oh my- now that’s em-bare-ass-ing-isn’t it. then what-we cry no and stop because… we have a peeping tom or should i say-a peeping cop…the reason she has to be medicated now is because she knows she created this and trevor is taking a huge rap for her lack of judgment. and now how to fix it??? she could start by telling the truth. that will help her to sleep at night.

  11. I never claimed to be ‘in the loop’ but that’s probably a simple misunderstanding rectified by actually reading the article.
    If you’ve got some concrete information or maybe one of the witnesses would like to come forward, I would certainly be interested in hearing it. They can even email me and remain anonymous and I’ll be glad to update this and put some facts in the article.
    So let me get this straight.
    They were doing the nasty and she saw the police officer first? That’s when she started crying NO and there are witnesses that will testify to that?
    Forgive me, but that seems pretty preposterous. Actually it sounds like bullshit. Maybe I’ll be more likely to believe it when one of the witnesses steps forward. Trevor was locked up four days ago (if he’s not out on bail yet), so why hasn’t anyone come forward on his behalf if that’s the case.

  12. The witness is not hooked into this web of truthandlies however he will be at the jury trial and will present his version of events. it will be a long drawn out case and the witness has already given his version of events to the authorities. do they care? or is it a case of conviction conviction conviction-mindset-we don’t care to try the case- just get another gold star on our badge for discovery???

  13. By the way, the email address you used to get updates isn’t working, says mailbox is unavailable. You obviously don’t have to receive notification of comment updates if you don’t want, in that case uncheck the box when you comment.

  14. why don’t you uncheck yourself from this planet-people like you who have nothing better to do than to crucify others without being there-knowing ANY of the facts or have any clue what innocent until PROVEN guilty means need to become educated and stop inciting and creating hatred here or anywhere!

  15. Being as how I own the site I can incite anything I want as long as it stays within the law.
    You say ‘people like you who weren’t there’. From your comments above it sounds as if you weren’t there either. Are you changing that and stating you were at the party and are a witness? If not then why so hypocritical?
    If the guy’s innocent then he is innocent but until you can back that up by facts or witnesses it stays as is. This isn’t a court of law in which he would be considered innocent until proven guilty so I have the right to publish my own opinion.
    Here’s a fucking clue for you. If you don’t like what you are reading, don’t click the link that brings you here and you won’t have to read it.

  16. the final thing i have to say to you is that i hope none of your children or family members are ever wrongly accused of a crime and that you never have to know the agony and pain this creates. obviously you live in an insulated small world where you assume nothing will ever happen to you or yours. that is where we once lived too. you don’t know trevor and all the positive contributions he has made to this society and just by your attitude you would never be welcome into our world anyway. he will be vindicated but you will have the small mind that is rattling around in your head forever.

  17. You still haven’t answered any of the questions. Just blank statements about non-related stuff. Apparently you aren’t interested in the truth.

  18. why you ppl really dont even know what happened. none of u are freinds with the any of them. i am. i know them all. all the kids at the party. and cindy i would love to know who ur witness is. cuz i pretty sure i know him. and yes im pretty sure he is a stoner just like the rest of them. so if u want to talk crap on her u better know the story from both the rapist and the victim. cuz i know both stories cuz i have seen and talked to both of them since the party happend.

  19. So, Trevor does not remember? Does that make the behavior alright? What if I told Richard I would lend him $20.00 for “school supplies”, only to realize that I need that $20.00 for myself. When I tell Richard, who happens to be drunk and in a blackout, that I do not have the money for him, would then he be justified in stabbing me and taking my $20.00? No! So what makes it right for any man to take from any young lady who has changed her mind?
    Listen, growing up I was always the girl staying up late and partying with the guys. A desire to party and have a good time does not translate into a desire to be raped. Never has, never will, except by the ignorant

  20. ok richard let me ask you something how long have you known trevor? Lets see i have know both of the people in this situation did you also know she tried to kill herself with a bottle of midol and a half of bottle perfume derek is right yes they both need to take polygraphs oh wait trevor took several and passed with flying colors and i was also there a week after the supposed raping when i had to lift the young women in this situation off the ground cause she got to drunk at party so dont sit here and tell people shes afraid people when shes still to this day out there partying and drinking and driving so i mean get the facts before your dumbass starts writing shit on the internet

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