Mario Key Should Have Had a Car

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It’s always been my understanding that while it’s stupid and will eventually lead you to jail, dealing drugs is supposed to be fairly lucrative. I guess from the looks of his latest two mug shots he might just be sampling his own wares, which would tend to be a serious loss in income for the guy. Luckily Largo, Florida police were there to held him see the error of his ways.

Shortly after midnight yesterday morning the Largo PD stopped 19-year-old Mario Jarvis Key of Dunedin for not having a light on his bicycle. Yep, the unlucky dude was riding his bicycle around Largo after midnight. I’m sure he was delivering cookies to his grandma at that time of the evening.


Mario Key’s MySpace page

When the officers attempted to stop Mario he decided that the best course of action would be to run. During his attempted escape he dumped his sweatshirt and a bag. Key didn’t get very far and inside his bag was another bag which contained marijuana, plastic bags and a scale. In his sweatshirt he had a loaded pistol. oops. I guess it wasn’t your best night, huh Mario? Anyway, the second picture is from his current arrest. He’s been charged with Carrying a Concealed Weapon During the Commission of a Felony, Possession of Marijuana With Intent to Sell, Manufacture or Deliver, Possession of a Firearm with Altered or Removed Serial Number and Resisting Arrest. He was released around noon yesterday on a $15,000 bond. I guess I was wrong, he does have some money.

The first photo was from his arrest back in January in Clearwater for Home Invasion Robbery. It looks like the charges on that one may have been dismissed though. There has been no update on the case since February 20th.




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