May 21, 2009

Jennifer Mauck Made a Good Hostage…

The two fucktards love birds pictured above are Joshua Cook ( and Jennifer Mauck ( Somehow these two brainiacs put a brilliant plan into play and decided to go into the local CVS pharmacy in Manassas, VA and rob the place, with a twist of course. Josh walked into the CVS behind his girlfriend Jennifer…Read more

Susan Betancourt Arrested For Leaving a Baby in the Car

56-year-old Susan Diane Betancourt (MySpace) of Woodstock, Georgia was arrested in neighboring Kennesaw earlier today after she left a one-year-old child she was babysitting in her car for almost half an hour while she was inside a gas station playing video games. Apparently the windows were down about an inch. She was arrested earlier this…Read more

Searching for April Tinsley's Killer

In 1988 8-year-old April Tinsley was kidnapped, raped and murdered on Good Friday. Her murderer was never caught but over the last decade notes have been popping up in different places admitting to being her murderer and threatening to kill more little girls. The FBI has ramped up their investigation again and is looking for…Read more