Jennifer Mauck Made a Good Hostage…

jenniferMauck joshuacook

The two fucktards love birds pictured above are Joshua Cook ( and Jennifer Mauck ( Somehow these two brainiacs put a brilliant plan into play and decided to go into the local CVS pharmacy in Manassas, VA and rob the place, with a twist of course.

Josh walked into the CVS behind his girlfriend Jennifer and pointed a gun to her head, demanding that the pharmacist give him Oxycontin, at which point Jennifer started to cry. After the pharmacist gave them the pills they left the store.

Apparently they didn’t get very far because U.S. Marshals arrested 19-year-old Joshua Allen Cook and 25-year-old Jennifer Lynn Mauck on suspicion of staging a hostage situation to commit a robbery. I don’t yet know the exact charges that have been filed or where they’ve been lodged. The info I have also doesn’t include the whereabouts of Jennifer’s daughter either. Hopefully with a caretaker that doesn’t need Oxycontin to get through the day.


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  1. That one chick is a hooker at the hi mart.. and the boy thinks he is a gangbanger and rides his bike around manassas all day. Seen them 100’s of times.. its really sad .

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