William Allen Cunningham Poisoned His Children

I guess this must just be the day for stories about poison.

Back in 2006 William Allen Cunningham had the bright idea that if he put drugs and lighter fluid in his children’s soup he could get some money out of Campbell’s. His children became severely ill but luckily survived the act although they may end up with breathing problems for the rest of their lives as a result. He fed his two children, 3 years and 18 months, laced soup three times in January of 2006. After having taken his kids to the emergency room he contacted Campbell’s and told them their soup was tainted.

42-year-old William Cunningham was sentenced to 100 years in jail on seven counts of aggravated assault against his children. I hope they make him eat Cambell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup every day in prison, the sick bastard.

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5 throughts on "William Allen Cunningham Poisoned His Children"

  1. It just breaks my heart how parents are hurting and/or murdering their own children. What the hell is wrong with these people?

  2. How did this guy get caught is what I want to know — did he confess?
    He is clearly a dumb ass. Oddly, his life has to be an embarrassement to him. No one will mourn his passing — his own children will despise him.
    He pleaded guilty and they gave him 100 years? Either he was a complete idiot, or his lawyer was. Who the hell pleads guilty and gets 100 years.

  3. He was found guilty and convicted by a jury. Two years ago he pleaded guilty to federal charges of communicating false claims. Same crime, two different cases and jurisdictions.
    I’m not so sure he pleaded guilty in this trial. I’ll have to look that up when I get home this evening.

  4. Doug, you are a “DUMBASS”. You don’t know the case or the attorneys involved.

  5. That’s pretty much what I was thinking, I just figured on being more diplomatic about it. What the hell, diplomacy sucks anyway.

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