Caylee Bears…

Late last year the Caylee Marie Anthony foundation was created. According to their mission statement on the web site:

The Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation will prevent child abduction through the creation of awareness of child safety measures and the missing child epidemic; will provide support to families and law enforcement during child recovery efforts; and will assist in the well-being of children in need of comfort and support during difficult and stressful times.

Right now the Caylee Marie Anthony foundation is being operated out of the Anthony’s house in Orlando, Florida. Certainly not the first foundation to be gotten off the ground this way and I doubt it will be the last yet as suspicious as we are as human beings I’ve seen on several forums where people are calling it a scam or even worse.

cayleebear.jpgOne of the things that the foundation is doing is to supply police and fire departments with the “Caylee Bear” to be handed out by first responders. While I find this mildly distasteful and misguided I don’t think it’s a scam. The family of Caylee Anthony is trying to find their own way to deal with the tragedy that befell them and this is their way to do it.

So what brings me to write about the “Caylee Bears”? I received an email earlier today.

I have started a petition against the website and would like your help to have it removed from the web. This site not only discredit well reputable foundations but it also lacks empathy for the death of Caylee Anthony, in a way mocking the case in hand.
I dont know what else I can do but contact as many people as possible and bring awarenss to this site .

and the petition is

Thanks Again for listening

I was confused for a couple of minutes and then clicked on the first link. Holy crap. I just thought the foundation’s Caylee Bears were distasteful. This is some fucktard’s idea of humor and while I like black humor as much as most (and probably more) whoever created this satiric site is a complete asshole. Here are the bears on their website.

CayleeBears_com.jpgThey supposedly come with their own bag as well.

As far as the petition that was set up, that’s probably about as dumb an idea as I’ve hear all day. Who do you plan on sending the petition too? ICANN? Do you folks really think that this is the only distasteful sight on the Internet? If you want to do some real good file a civil suit. Hell, find the name and address of whoever put up the site and I’ll even post it here along with all the other douchebags and asshats. They’ll fit right in.

The domain is listed through godaddy buy the owner is private, purchased through a company called Domains by Proxy, inc. in Scottsdale, AZ. The can be contacted at (480) 624-2599

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  1. i believe anyone who could use a childs death in
    this way should be put in the bag and hope someone finds them. you are sick and heartless people. and i pray when you meet your maker he does to you what was done to caylee.

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