Body of Neveah Buchanan Found


Thanks to Sprocket who left a comment in one of my other posts for pointing out this new to me. Obviously from the lack of posting I’ve been pretty busy this week but I wanted to update this story prior to going to work this morning.

A father and son fishing on the Raisin River Thursday about 12 miles from where Neveah disappeared discovered a little girl around noon who was buried in a shallow grave which was covered in quick drying cement on the riverbank.

The two men called 911 and once law enforcement showed up two hours later crime scene investigators were called in to the site. Police are still not confirming one way or another if it is Neveah but the family’s pastor says they are 99% sure it is the little girl. According to the Monroe News (which has several incorrect items in the article linked below) Neveah was still clothed in the same shirt and jeans she was wearing when she disappeared.

George Kennedy is still a person of interest in what has now become a murder case. One of the other men being investigated, James Easter, has been cleared of any involvement by the Sheriff and County Prosecutor.


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