Justin Shine Should Be Dismembered


Updated – Justin Shine has been denied bond. The rest is at the bottom of the post.

I’ve been trying really hard over the last couple of months to curb my profanity on this site, along with making sure to verify facts before I post them (aside from the obvious glaring typos and lack of grammar) and just report as accurately as I can. Just when I think I’m doing a great job at it along comes a douchebag like  26-year-old Justin P Shine from Hingham, Massachusetts.

This past Saturday afternoon the mother of a 6-year-old girl let her go outside in their apartment complex to play. Setting aside for a moment that it is a supremely stupid fucking decision let your six-year-old play unsupervised in an apartment complex, the mother did have the brains to call the police when after 20 minutes she didn’t hear her daughter. Police immediately showed up and began a door to door search of the apartment complex.

justinshine2.pngAllegedly Justin Shine was inside his ex-girlfriend’s apartment (he allegedly broke in) in the same building and saw the little girl through the window. Since she knew the man as a father of one of her playmates she didn’t think it strange when he yelled out the window to come look at their gerbils. Once he had lured her into the apartment he bound her hands together with tape, taped her mouth shut and tied her arms as well as binding her legs with a chain.

According to police reports the girl told them that Shine injected her in the hip with a syringe and that she felt sleepy afterward. Police do have the syringe and it is being tested. According to the little girl’s statement they started hearing police knocking on doors a short time later and that Shine cut the tape off of her hands, telling her to “shut up” when she started crying. He then told her that “she was not going to die today…he was”. At some point after he let the girl leave. A man in the apartment complex found the little girl and took her to the police. Her feet were still shackled and she was covered in blood, Shine’s blood, testing later revealed.

The girl was understandably upset and crying when she was found. She told the police officer that “The man took me”. Then she showed police Shine’s apartment. He was found in a bedroom covered in his own blood from a self-inflicted wound on his wrist. Shine fought with police which is where he received the black eye pictured at the top of the post, from getting hit in the head by one of the officer’s gun after he lunged toward them.

In the apartment officers found the girl’s bike and her Barbie helmet covered with a sleeping bag in a quick attempt to hide it.

While Shine was being treated at the hospital he told police that he had lured the girl into his apartment to rape her but had apparently had second thoughts. I guess having police beating on doors tends to do that. He also told officers he had shot up with cocaine but didn’t admit to administering it on the girl.

Shine was arraigned this morning on charges of Kidnapping, Attempted Rape, Assault and Battery With a Dangerous Weapon (the syringe) and Resisting Arrest and ordered held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing on Wednesday. Not Guilty pleas were entered on his behalf as he didn’t speak during the arraignment.


As you can see from the above screencap Justin’s MySpace is set to private right now and the message on it says “justin leave my family and friends out of this please respect everyone at this difficult time – Jessica Shine”. Jessica is Justin’s sister and got rid of his profile to make it less likely that they will get messed with. I haven’t and most likely won’t try to contact any of the family for questions, although they are always welcome to contact me at rm_blogger@yahoo.com or leave a comment here, even anonymously if they want.

Aside from the emotional scarring that this little girl is going to have to deal with, it’s too bad this happened in Massachusetts where this fucktard will probably be back on the streets in a few short years.

Update – I mentioned when I first posted this that Shine would be having his ‘dangerousness’ hearing today. Basically a bond hearing. Luckily a judge in Massachusetts has a brain and denied bond for the man even though his attorney William Leonard claimed that this was a one-time aberration and asked for $5,000 bail. District Court Judge Ronald Moynahan said that releasing Shine into society would be ‘akin to terror’.

The little girl has tested positively for cocaine, which Justin Shine injected her with while he held her prisoner.

I will try and update this as more information comes to light.

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7 throughts on "Justin Shine Should Be Dismembered"

  1. This is horrible. I don’t think people like Justin can be cured. The best thing to do is put him down.

  2. i am from hanover and live just a few minutes away and it is terrifying that this could happen in a place like this. it makes me sick to my stomach. its times like these i wish we had the death penalty in massachusetts

  3. I know justin and have 4 years and its such a sham he could ever do somthing like that excpesily because his father raped for so many years and droped out of school in 7th grade because he was beat and raped so bad and people can hate me for what im bout 2 say but i do believe that if is father had never done that he would have never had done that

  4. Im going into the 8th grade this year and i babysit kids that are 6 and 7 so if i was the judge his punishment would be to have his ding-a-ling cut off!!!!

  5. its over…. the guys in lockup…. are gonna have a ball with him…and rightfully so….26…. what a loser… that shit is scary…. i thought most sickos were 35+….but 26…. god i’m getting goosebumps… then he had kids as well….right…. he’s through….

  6. unknown guy…. july 15….. has a good point….its heart wrenching that we r even talking about this…..personally, i was physically abused a child…never got sexual…. i can’t imagine the demons in Justin’s head…. its impossible to fight off your father…. this case almost breaks me down…definitely breaks my spirits, and he didn’t go all the way….thank god……its terrible…..sick…how could u do that to your son….a boy u r suppose to raise to be a man…. crazy…. crazy

  7. He is a piece of crap. He is a demon disguised as a human and there are too many bleeding hearts who are going to make excuses for him. Children are innocent and helpless, its our job to protect them.

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